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March 09, 2023
Edward Smith

Two-Vehicle Crash Reported on Westbound U.S. 50

A two-vehicle crash in Rancho Cordova last week between a Jeep and an Acura resulted in minor trauma. The accident happened around 4:00 p.m. on westbound U.S. 50 under the northbound Mather Field Road on-ramp. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that the crash blocked all the lanes and traffic backed up from Zinfandel Drive. 

Medics Called to Assess Injuries in Two-Vehicle Crash

Medics with the fire department determined that minor injuries had occurred in the crash. An investigation is underway to determine how it occurred. 

Causes of a Two-Vehicle Crash on a Highway

Car accidents involving two vehicles can be caused by various reasons on a highway because they are close together. However, driver negligence is the most common cause of a two-vehicle crash. In the event of a collision, it is possible to determine which driver was negligent by hiring a personal injury attorney. Injured parties can then seek compensation through this process.

Driving Difficulties on the Highway

Highway speeds make it difficult for drivers behind to stop or get out of the way if an accident is ahead or about to happen. Additionally, if a driver slows down, stops or tries to avoid a car accident ahead, vehicles behind may end up plowing into them. Despite pulling over to the side of the road to avoid an accident up ahead, driving in the slow lane or pulling onto the shoulder does not guarantee that the driver will not be struck from behind.

Types of Negligence That Can Lead to an Accident Involving Several Vehicles

Negligence of one type or another is the usual cause of an accident, including on highways. When the other driver was responsible for the collision, the injured party may place a claim to recover compensation. Car collisions involving this type of negligence usually involve:

  • Distractions: Talking on the phone or texting while driving can result in a car accident.
  • Speed: Highways are crowded with people speeding. Speeding, however, requires a longer stopping distance and increases the risk of losing control of the car.
  • Impaired driving: When drivers are drunk or drugged, they are likely to make poor judgment decisions, drift in and out of lanes and change speeds, which can result in a car accident.
  • Fatigue: Driving under the influence of fatigue is similar to driving under the effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • Recklessness: A reckless driver does not only exceed the speed limit but also tailgates, cuts in and out of traffic and otherwise behaves in an unsafe manner.

Compensation for Traffic Accidents

For maximum compensation, you should seek legal help after suffering an injury in an accident. To ensure that your losses are fully compensated, you need an injury attorney with extensive experience handling motor vehicle accident cases.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Rancho Cordova

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