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Minor Suffers Serious Injuries During Bicycle Accident in Eureka

Minor Suffers Severe Injuries During Bicycle Accident in Eureka

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, a local minor suffered major injuries during a bicycle accident in Eureka. The Eureka Police Department (EPD) stated that the incident involved a group of three cyclists as well as a motor vehicle. Possible causal factors of the accident are being investigated by EPD and updates on the injured woman’s condition were unavailable at the time of reporting.

Crash Details

The accident occurred on Myrtle Avenue at the intersection of 7th Street at about 4:31 p.m. A group of three people on bicycles were riding northbound on Myrtle just before the accident. Just how many bicyclists collided with the involved vehicle wasn’t reported. However, police indicated that the injured cyclist was thrown off of her bicycle as a result of the crash.

Emergency staff were sent to respond to the accident directly after the police were notified. Responding agencies including EPD as well as Humboldt Bay Fire and City Ambulance. Firefighters reportedly assisted with traffic control at the intersection while response was underway. Reportedly, responders discovered the minor with serious trauma and had her driven to a local hospital via ambulance. Neither of the two other cyclists nor any occupants of the vehicle suffered injuries.


EPD indicated that the vehicle driver stopped at the accident scene and cooperated with the police during initial response and investigations. While no factors suspected to have been involved in the crash have been reported, police have stated that they do not believe intoxication was involved.

Accidents between bicycles and vehicles happen for a number of reasons and many are caused by multiple factors. Furthermore, many bicycle/vehicle accidents happen due to factors that neither cyclists nor drivers are able to control like faulty bicycle or vehicle parts, dangerously designed roads, poor pavement conditions, and more.

Recovering from a Bicycle Accident Injury

Cyclists can suffer serious injuries during accidents because they lack the same protections as people in vehicles. Additionally, cyclists are unable to absorb the impact of a fall by preparing their bodies like pedestrians might. For these reasons, it’s common for cyclists to suffer injuries that have a major impact on their lives.

Recovering from a serious injury can take time, and many people don’t fully heal for months or, in very severe cases, even years. The effect that being injured for a long period of time can have on the life of a student is major, and the medical costs associated with accident injury treatment can be very high.

Calling a Lawyer for Personal Injury

The best thing you can do to make sure that your family can afford the medical care that they need is to call a Eureka personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. By working with an attorney to file an injury claim, it’s often possible to hold negligent parties responsible for the economic and personal damages caused during accidents.

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