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May 06, 2023
Edward Smith

Minor Injuries Reported in Multiple-Vehicle Accident on Madison Avenue

A multiple-vehicle accident in Fair Oaks recently resulted in minor injuries. A Sheriff’s Department deputy spotted the accident as it occurred. The accident occurred, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), along eastbound Madison Avenue just west of Fair Oaks Boulevard around 4:46 p.m. 

Authorities Determining Cause of Multiple-Vehicle Accident

Tow trucks were required to remove at least two of the three vehicles involved. An investigation by the CHP will determine fault and how the crash occurred.

If a Multi-Vehicle Accident Occurs, More Than One Driver May Be Responsible

Multiple-vehicle crashes almost always result from some form of negligence. A congested road at high speeds is more likely to involve more than one driver at fault. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to find out who caused the accident and hold all of those who were negligent accountable. This will allow the client to receive the compensation they are entitled to. These accidents are caused by negligence for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Drunk drivers: Drunk driving accidents remain a common occurrence. Drunk drivers are more likely to cause a multiple-vehicle accident because they cannot control their speed, have blurry vision and are slow to react.
  • Distracted driving: Drivers who are distracted while driving are more likely to get into accidents by texting and talking on their cell phones. Texting with one hand on a device while driving diverts the driver’s attention from driving and concentrates their eyes on the screen. An accident is highly likely to occur when this happens.
  • Fatigue: The number of traffic accidents caused by fatigue has increased in recent years because many people work long hours and hold multiple jobs. Driving a vehicle while fatigued is problematic since it is difficult to concentrate on the road. It is often compared to driving while intoxicated because the driver’s reactions behind the wheel are similar.
  • Speed: A speeding driver can also cause a multiple-vehicle accident. A driver’s excessive speed makes it impossible for them to slow down in time in the event that traffic slows ahead or stops suddenly. Over-braking can also result in the driver losing control, causing the car to fishtail and collide with other vehicles.

Compensation Recovery After a Multiple-Vehicle Collision

It is necessary to identify those who were negligent in an accident involving many vehicles before a client can receive compensation. To help our clients recover damages, our injury attorneys conduct investigations to find out this information. The healing process will be made easier for them because they can focus on getting better by recovering their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering instead of worrying about finances. 

Fair Oaks Auto Accident Attorney 

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