Minimizing Motorcycle Accidents

Minimize Motorcycle Accidents at Bumps, Blind Spots and Intersections

Minimizing Motorcycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Sacramento. Heavy vehicles can at times push the tar up while traveling on a road, forming a single bump or multiple bumps in the middle of a traffic lane. This can lead to a dangerous situation for a motorcycle rider. The bumps can cause the mechanism of steering and suspension to behave adversely, while the handlebars may swing violently.

5 Safety Tips to Minimize the Risk When Dealing with Road Bumps 

  1. Stay on the wheel tracks rather than riding in the middle of the lane when proceeding along country roads that are more prone to bumps or humps.
  2. Make sure not to ride too closely behind cars or trucks as that can give you no time to prepare for or know if there may be a bump ahead.
  3. Ease up on brakes right before you are about to hit the bump and decrease speed on seeing a bump. This allows the suspension to cushion the impact or else it is going to compress.
  4. Shift your upper body forward to keep your weight on the front wheel so that it does not lift up too far. At the same time, grip the bars strongly by keeping your elbows up and out. This allows cushioning the tank slapper or handlebar kick to a certain extent.
  5. Stop and take a photo. Send the photo to the local authorities and register your complaint with them. Be proactive and lodge your complaint without waiting for others to issue theirs.

5 Safety Tips to Minimize the Risk Pertaining to Blind Spots 

It is crucial for motorcycle riders to ensure their own safety measures since car drivers do not necessarily care about motorbike blind spot safety.

Below are some tips for you to enhance motorcycle blind spot safety:

  1. Make sure that a safety buffer always surrounds you. To do so, you need to maintain enough distance in front of you and provide sufficient space to carry out safety operations.
  2. Make an effort to keep blind spots (which the C-pillars and A-pillars of vehicles may form) at a distance. When trying to overtake other automobiles, try to be aware regarding the blind spot risks.
  3. Proceed in a staggering manner and maintain a safe distance when riding in a group.
  4. Make use of tape and reflective clothing for better visibility.
  5. Tap the brakes of your motorcycle lightly when a vehicle is intruding into your safety zone. Doing this points out your position to other motorists around and indicates your desired direction to move in.

Tips to Minimize Risk on Intersections for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcyclists face the highest risk at intersections. Be observant of bumpy surfaces. Pay attention to vehicles that are taking a left turn in front of you because you are heading right toward their intended path. In addition, remain alert for any vehicles stopping abruptly as well as the ones not stopping quickly enough at a traffic light.

Decrease your speed and move slightly toward the other side of the lane when you observe a vehicle approaching the intersection. Doing so gives you the necessary space to react.

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