Midtown Tree Crushes Car

Midtown Tree Crushes Car

Midtown Tree Crushes Car

Midtown Tree Crushes Car

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Tree Injury Lawyer. A woman is happy and grateful to be alive after a Sacramento tree fell on top of her car as she was driving in Midtown Sacramento on March 28, 2016.

What Happened?

Tracy Courtney was driving along completely unaware of impending danger ahead. From out of nowhere she noticed a man waving his hands motioning her to slow down. Seconds later, a large sycamore tree collapsed right on top of her vehicle. Her car was covered by multiple branches and lots of leaves. She escaped the frightening event without injury.

Where did this Occur?

The Sacramento tree accident happened on J Street in Sacramento, near 33rd Street.

Who Warned the Motorist of a Midtown Falling Tree?

We’ve learned that it was State Senator, Andy Vidak, who warned Ms. Courtney of the Midtown falling tree. The Senator was walking along the sidewalk and had just passed the tree when he heard a big cracking sound. He instinctively knew that the tree was about to come down. He quickly motioned motorists that were approaching the area of the tree to slow down and stay back. His helpful actions certainly helped save the day.

Watch Youtube Video: State Senator warns driver of falling tree before impact, from our friends at KCRA 3 News:

We have written many articles about Sacramento fallen tree injuries and accidents, but rarely do we get to experience it live on video. Someone’s downtown surveillance camera did a fine job of capturing Ms. Courtney’s death defying experience.  We were very pleased to learn that no one suffered personal injuries due to the collapsed tree.  This incident was a property damage tree accident case.

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Midtown Tree Crushes Car:

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