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January 31, 2019
Edward Smith

Mesothelioma Trials of New Treatment About to Begin

Mesothelioma trials are being scheduled for a new treatment that looks promising. Mesothelioma is an aggressive type of cancer that can affect the abdomen, heart or lungs and cost the life of a loved one. The most common cause is by exposure to asbestos and can appear many years after exposure. The life expectancy of an individual who contracts mesothelioma can range from one year to 21 months. However, a recent discovery by scientists in Israel may help turn that around for this deadly cancer.

New Treatment

A company named Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies, located in Israel believes they may have found a treatment for mesothelioma, as well as other cancers, that can cure the disease. Clinical trials for this new treatment are beginning. However, mesothelioma trials of this type have to go through a number of stages before a newly approved drug would be released. The company expects their new drug, if the trials go well, to be released in about one year.

How the Medicine Works

According to the company, their new drug, MuTaTo, which stands for multi-target toxin, will be available in brand name as well as a generic version and can be used to treat mesothelioma. Dan Aridor, a company spokesman, states that the cure will prove effective from the first day, treatment lasts several weeks and offers minimal or no side-effects. He also says it will be provided at a cost lower than many other available treatments. The treatment reportedly works by attacking the cancer cells from numerous angles, which will prevent them from mutating into a new version of themselves that is drug-resistant. In addition, the therapy will kill cancer stem cells as well as the cancer cells themselves. By using small-cell technology, this is a step that is left out in other cancer treatments.

Treatment With No Side Effects

Scientists go on to report that most cancer treatments can produce side effects that are harmful. Because their technology ignores healthy cells, side effects will be eliminated. They state that once all the cancer cells are eliminated, the patient will be finished with the treatment, which could last a few weeks instead of going through long-term cancer therapy. So far, the treatment has been tried using lab animals as subjects and at the cellular level. However, the company says the tests have been promising enough to offer hope to patients with mesothelioma.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have to be held in order for a new drug to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. All cancer and mesothelioma trials are conducted in the same way to prove their safety and efficacy and are held in four different phases. These are:

  • Phase one: A small number of individuals are chosen to participate in phase one of the clinical mesothelioma trials. Ways that the treatment is administered and dosages are noted as well as any side effects experienced by the participants.
  • Phase two: In phase two of clinical trials, the number of participants is expanded. Guidelines established in phase one for administration and dosage are used, and a more detailed study is carried out.
  • Phase three: More people are added to the study in this phase of the mesothelioma trials, based on the outcome of phase two. This phase uses a group of people who receive the treatment and a control group, which will be given a placebo. The placebo will not be a sugar pill. It will be another standardized form of treatment that is used for the condition. If enough people receiving the new treatment respond positively, the FDA may approve the new drug’s use for the treatment of mesothelioma by medical professionals.
  • Phase four: In phase four, after the drug has been released by FDA for use in the public arena, studies will continue on its effectiveness and safety. Phase four studies may be ongoing for years.

Watch YouTube Video: New Mesothelioma Treatment Options. In this short video, mesothelioma specialists discuss several emerging treatment options for mesothelioma in ongoing clinical trials.

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