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Mendocino Rollover Leaves Woman Seriously Injured

Rollover Accident Near Hopland Leaves Woman Seriously Injured

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, a single-vehicle accident left one woman seriously injured. According to the Hopland Fire Protection District (HFPD), the accident required an extensive rescue operation. The accident only involved a single-vehicle, and updates on the condition of the injured woman have not yet been released by hospital staff. The incident is currently being investigated by officers of California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Crash Details

Authorities were first contacted about the accident just before 5:12 p.m. A witness called and reported a serious collision on Highway 175 close to mile marker 9. HFPD Chief Mitch Franklin stated that the location is known as a common site for accidents and that his department responds to several accidents there every year.

Reports indicated that a 75-year-old woman had been driving a Subaru SUV on 175 during heavy rain. For unknown reasons, her vehicle veered to the right and traveled off the road. The Subaru then overturned and rolled several times down a 150-foot-tall embankment, landing near a patch of trees below.

Rescue Operation

Franklin indicated that when response crews arrived at the crash location, visibility was severely limited by the rain, mentioning that crews could barely make out the SUV’s headlights at the bottom of the embankment. The collision was reportedly only noticed because another car had been following the Subaru when it crashed.

HFPD personnel launched an extensive rescue operation at the accident site. First, responders used a set of ropes to stabilize the vehicle. After stabilizing the car, responders removed the woman from the wreck and pulled her up to safety using another rope rig. Medical officials say that she was found with severe trauma and was taken to a hospital located in Santa Rosa for care.

SUV Rollovers

Rollovers are one of the most dangerous kinds of car accidents. This is largely due to weak vehicle roofs being unable to withstand an impact, leaving occupants vulnerable to roof crush injuries. This problem is even more prevalent for SUVs, which are typically heavier and put greater pressure on the roof during a rollover.

Vehicle manufacturers are expected to ensure the safety of the products that they sell. For this reason, if a vehicle roof isn’t strong enough to protect occupants, the company may be liable to pay for damages related to rollover collisions. Crash survivors can hold these companies responsible by filing personal injury claims.

What Can be Recovered?

Injury claims vary from case to case, and the payments available depend on the circumstances of the crash and your life situation. However, there are a wide variety of damages that commonly apply to these claims, including loss of income, medical expenses, personal losses, and more. For more information about what you may be owed, it’s best to talk directly with a Ukiah personal injury lawyer.

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