Mendocino Bakery Staff Save 8-Year-Old Boy

Mendocino Bakery Staff Save 8-Year-Old Boy

Mendocino Bakery Staff Save 8-Year-Old Boy

I’m Ed Smith, a Fort Bragg car accident lawyer. On Tuesday, March 20, 2018, at approximately 8:00 a.m., workers at the Good Life Bakery located in Mendocino just south of Fort Bragg rescued an 8-year-old boy who was pinned underneath an SUV following a vehicle accident.

A Rescue

Chief of the Mendocino Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) Ed O’Brien told reporters that when dispatchers first received the call alerting them of the accident, the seriousness of the accident wasn’t conveyed. Responders reportedly did not learn that the boy, Syler Buttrick, had been pinned underneath the SUV until they were already heading to the accident site.

When MVFD responders arrived, they found that the boy had been freed from underneath the vehicle by the baker, cook, and front-end staff of the nearby bakery. The boy was reportedly waiting for an ambulance to arrive on the bakery’s patio.

The Accident

According to witnesses at the accident scene, the driver of the SUV claimed that he thought his foot had been pressing his vehicle’s brake pedal but had actually been on the accelerator. Teddy Winslow, the owner of Good Life Bakery, told reporters that the driver attempted to park, but “hit the gas” and drove onto the curb.

Winslow indicated that, after driving onto the curb, the vehicle went “right over” Buttrick, leaving him pinned underneath. It was immediately following the accident that bakery staff worked together to lift the car up so that Buttrick could be taken to safety.


Responders to the accident included MVFD personnel as well as officers from California Highway Patrol (CHP) and an ambulance from the Albion Little River Volunteer Fire Department. Responders found Buttrick with serious injuries and transported him to the Mendocino Coast District Hospital for treatment. Shortly after arriving, Buttrick was transferred by medical helicopter to the Oakland Children’s Hospital to screen for internal injuries.

Reports from his family indicate that Buttrick is in fair condition but suffered severe bruising as well as a broken ankle.

I’d like to wish Syler a speedy recovery after this harrowing incident.

Receiving Compensation

Being in a car accident can leave individuals with lasting injuries that affect the quality of their lives, and treating those injuries can mean massively expensive medical bills. However, when reckless drivers are at-fault for the accident, injured parties can legally seek compensation to help pay for their damages.

Those injured in accidents are often able to claim repayments for ambulance fees, hospital bills, physical rehabilitation costs, and more. For more details about recovering financially from personal injuries, call me today for free, friendly advice.

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