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January 27, 2019
Edward Smith

Depression and Medicare 

No one anticipates depression following an accident or injury, particularly as a senior. It is debilitating, and the symptoms can affect the mind and body. Here is what you need to know when to seek support through Medicare.

Part A Coverage

Medicare coverage can be challenging to navigate. This is especially so as we recover from a personal injury or an accident. You may be aware that Part A and Part B cover different aspects of healthcare. Part A provides hospital coverage, whereas Part B gives outpatient support. Unfortunately, Part A will only be beneficial in severe cases. If your condition is poor enough, your doctor may suggest hospitalization. During your stay, you will receive therapy, testing, and whatever medication is needed for treatment. Unfortunately, the time you can stay without paying out of pocket is limited. Throughout your life, you will have just over six months before you need to worry about payments. Thankfully, Part B extends coverage.

Part B Coverage

As mentioned, Medicare Part B provides outpatient care. If you suffer the after-effects from an injury or an auto accident, consider adding Part B to your policy. With this option, you use mental health caregivers such as counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, and clinical psychologists. You should factor These essential services into your planning when choosing coverage. Your evaluations are also included, so you don’t need to worry about paying for a diagnosis. Depending on your plan, your copay is as little as 20 percent of the negotiated amount for treatment. Typically, this is with a deductible of less than $200. If you don’t feel comfortable in individual therapy, you may be able to participate in certified group therapy. The fact is that you have options with Part B. If one form of therapy does not help, another may.

Finding Professionals Who Accept Medicare

Finding the proper treatment should never be burdensome. If you’re having difficulty locating a psychiatrist or therapist who takes Medicare, use an online directory. Fortunately, most surveyed individuals stated they had no trouble finding a physician. While the directory is comprehensive, you may prefer to go through the Medicare website. Specialists are even easier to find than a general care doctor, so don’t let that stand in your way.

Think Ahead

Not everyone elects to get Medicare Part B. This is a mistake; waiting to apply can substantially increase your payments. Many Americans believe that there is an age requirement paired with Social Security. Instead, you have three months before you turn 65 and then three months after to apply for the discounted Part B rate. If you still have insurance through work, the same regulations are not applicable. Instead, you have eight months after you lose that coverage to apply. Don’t wait. You risk an increase of 10 percent every year you don’t apply. While Part B is not free, it is worth purchasing. Private healthcare has become increasingly unaffordable, and Part B is the best solution. No one predicts an accident or injury, nor do they anticipate the impact on our mental health and well-being. Get affordable coverage to keep yourself safe.

The Consequences

Depression may not seem like a disease to you, but it very much is. And like any illness, it needs professional treatment. Unfortunately, our country has a stigma around mental health issues, and we may have internalized this. Yet, sometimes, an accident or injury can take its emotional toll. In the past, you may have overcome troubles on your own. Depression is different, as it’s a chemical imbalance with many contributing factors. You cannot tell yourself it’s your imagination and purge these dark feelings. Remember, mental illness is not a personal failing. This is a real issue many of us face, and we don’t need to do so alone.

These conditions should never be taken lightly. They impact every area of our lives and suck the joy from our days. You don’t have to tolerate feeling this way, so get the help you need.

Watch YouTube Video: Medicare & You: Mental Health Benefits. The video below provides an overview of Medicare-covered benefits for those with mental health issues.

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