Avoiding Marysville Motorcycle Accidents

Avoiding Marysville Motorcycle Accidents

Avoiding Marysville Motorcycle Accidents – Driving a motorcycle comes with many benefits. Those who use motorcycles as a main form of transportation save on gas and are able to enjoy the open road on California’s beautiful, scenic highways. However, being a motorcycle rider also comes with an increased risk of being involved in a serious crash. Because motorcycle riders don’t have much protection in the event of a collision, they often sustain severe and even fatal injuries when struck by other vehicles. While most motorcyclists pay careful attention to the road, knowing the best ways to stay safe is essential. A couple of important ways to avoid being hurt in a motorcycle accident are explained below.


One of the main reasons that motorcyclists are involved in accidents is that they are small and vehicle drivers often fail to notice them on the road. This problem is extremely dangerous for motorcyclists, who can easily be pushed off of the roadway by larger vehicles. To combat this hazard, motorcyclists should follow a few guidelines:

  • Always make sure that your headlights and rear-lights are in working order and are not dim.
  • Try to avoid driving in a vehicle’s blind spots as much as possible. If you have to enter a blind spot, try not to spend much time there and make an attempt to let the driver know you are there.
  • Keep a bright safety vest in the storage area of your motorcycle and use it when driving in low light conditions.
  • Drive predictably so that drivers always expect your actions. This includes making sure that you signal for an adequate period of time before turning or changing lanes.

Defensive Driving

Many have heard the term defensive driving but aren’t exactly sure what it means. It’s a good idea for motorcyclists to take defensive driving courses to learn the best ways to avoid crashes. Some of the more important defensive driving techniques for motorcycles include:

  • Taking care at intersections and leaving lots of room between your bike and other vehicles.
  • Approaching intersections with your hands on the clutch and brake levers in case you have to make an emergency turn or stop suddenly.
  • Try to stay on the left-hand side of the lane you are driving in. This can help you to avoid crashes if a vehicle attempts to share your lane.
  • Use extreme caution if you split lanes and always make sure to avoid large vehicles and aggressive motorists.

Injuries and Compensation

Sometimes, accidents can’t be avoided. This usually happens because another driver is being reckless but can also be caused by faulty motorcycle parts and dangerous roads. In all of these cases, motorcyclists can usually seek payments for expenses related to the injuries they suffer because of the crash. To learn more about receiving compensation, you should get in touch with a Marysville motorcycle accident attorney. Your lawyer will be able to explain the details of a personal injury case to you as well as let you know what damages you can recover.

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