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November 15, 2021
Edward Smith

Fatal Motorcycle Accident on Monday

On Monday, November 8, 2021, a Marysville man suffered fatal injuries in a motorcycle crash on Butte House Road in the vicinity of Oro Grande Street in Yuba City. Police believe the deadly incident may have been caused by excessive speed.

Details of the Deadly Incident

Officers from the Yuba City Police Department issued a press release advising that a 31-year-old man from Marysville was killed after his motorcycle crashed into a truck on Monday. Authorities said they had obtained footage from a video camera in the area that revealed that the motorcyclist had been traveling at a high speed on Butte House Road. 

No Serious Injuries to Other Involved Driver 

The other vehicle involved in the crash, which was described only as a truck, was being driven by a man from Yuba City, who was 69 years of age. Police reported that he did not suffer any severe injuries. The driver of the truck cooperated with investigators and was not found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident.

First Responders Quickly on Scene

First responders – paramedics and personnel from Yuba City Police – were quickly dispatched to the crash scene and arrived at approximately 5:20 p.m. The motorcyclist, whose identity has not been released by authorities, was found to have sustained significant injuries. He was transported by ambulance to Adventist Health/Rideout Hospital for treatment. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries later that evening. 

Police Continue Their Investigation

Anyone with additional details about this fatal accident should contact the Yuba City Police Department. 

Potential Causative Factors

From the details released, the motorcyclist may have been driving at unsafe speeds when this crash occurred. Additionally, we recently experienced a time change. Sunset on Monday, November 8, was at 4:58 p.m. That means that darkness was descending when the crash occurred. It is hard for motorcyclists to see and be seen in the dark. The following are some safety tips offered by the California Department of Motor Vehicles when riding at night.

  • Wear reflective clothing. 
  • Reduce speed. Travel even slower than you do during daylight hours, especially on roads that you are not familiar with. This speed reduction will help you avoid a hazard.
  • Increase the following distance. It is more difficult to judge distances at night. Your vision relies on light contrast and shadows to determine how far off an object is and how quickly it is approaching. Such visual contrasts are distorted or absent in the dark. Keep a three-second or greater following distance.
  • If there is a vehicle ahead, take advantage of its headlights. The headlamps of a leading vehicle can help give you a better view of the road ahead. Seeing the vehicle’s taillights bouncing can mean there are bumps in the road or uneven asphalt.
  • When you are not approaching or following another vehicle, turn on your high beam to increase visibility.
  • Ride in the safest lane position for conditions – the one that best allows you to see and be seen and maintain adequate space between your bike and other vehicles.

Watch the YouTube video. The clip below offers safety tips for motorcyclists who travel at night.

Marysville Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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Photo by: Albaz Alba via Unsplash

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