Marysville Highway Safety


Marysville Highway Safety

I’m Ed Smith, a Marysville Personal Injury Lawyer. Marysville is a growing town that is a popular place to live for people who work in Yuba City and the surrounding area. When drivers are navigating the interstates in the area, it is important to take extra caution to drive safely due to the high speeds of the roadways. This will help to prevent an auto accident or truck accident from occurring.

Leave Enough Following Distance

Few people actually leave enough distance between the front of their car and the rear of the car in front of them. This is especially important on the interstate where the high speeds reduce reaction times and can lead to serious accidents that result in traumatic injuries. For those who took driver’s education classes during their teenage years, they may remember that they’re supposed to leave about one car’s length between vehicles on the road for every ten miles per hour of speed. This means that at a speed of 60 miles per hour, people should leave six car lengths between vehicles. While this may seem excessive, it is actually important because it allows drivers enough time to react to obstacles on the road and avoid a wrongful death.

Beware of Blind Spots While Merging and Changing Lanes

Many cars come with additional safety features today, such as blind spot warning systems, that help to keep drivers and passengers safe; however, there is no replacement for the human eye. When people are merging or changing lanes, they should be aware of their blind spots that cannot be seen with their rearview or side view mirrors. Drivers must make sure that their blind spots are clear before merging or changing lanes because this is how many of the injuries caused by car accidents develop in the first place.

Distracted Driving is a Major Cause of Car Accidents

When people are driving down the interstate, it is easy to get lured into “highway hypnosis.” People who are bored may reach for their cell phones; however, drivers need to remember that they are moving at fast speeds on the highway. In the time that it takes a driver to look down at a phone, the car is going to travel a large distance. If an accident results without any application of the brakes at all, this is how polytrauma results, placing people in the hospital with multiple injuries. Texting and driving in California is a major issue.

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