Marysville Crash On Highway Leaves Two Fatally Injured

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported a fatal Marysville area car accident on Friday, December 14, 2018. The collision involved multiple vehicles and left five people with injuries. Reports indicated that one person received minor injuries while two others were severely hurt. Tragically, two of the injured individuals passed away as a result of the car accident. The individuals who lost their lives during this crash have not yet been identified by county officials pending the notification of their next-of-kin. My sympathy is with those who have been affected by this terrible accident as they mourn the loss of their friends and family members.

Collision Information

CHP stated that the crash took place on Highway 99 close to the intersection of Powerline Road near the small community of Nicolaus. At around 12:22 p.m., a Ford F-350 had been driving south on 99 toward the intersection where there is a curve in the highway. At the same time, a Cadillac had been heading west on the highway, approaching the intersection from the opposite side. Reportedly, the Cadillac driver stopped before continuing through the intersection. While navigating the intersection, the Cadillac collided with the Ford. The impact of the crash caused the Cadillac to overturn and roll toward southbound highway lanes where it struck a Toyota Tacoma.


Emergency response officials were dispatched to the site of the accident immediately after CHP received notification of the crash. Responding officers found the female Cadillac driver with significant injuries and had her put in an ambulance and transported to the Marysville Rideout Memorial Hospital. Sadly, the woman could not recover from her injuries and was declared deceased on arrival. The male passenger of the Cadillac also sustained fatal trauma and tragically passed away at the accident scene.

The driver and passenger of the Toyota, identified as two male residents of Citrus Heights, were found with severe injuries. Both men were taken by ambulance to the UC Davis medical center to receive further treatment. The driver of the Ford, identified as a man from Nicolaus, sustained minor injuries and reportedly declined to be given medical care.


CHP has reported that they are still investigating possible causal factors of this accident. So far, officials have not stated what they believe to have caused the crash. Common accident factors involved in collisions like this one include driving while distracted, medical emergencies, DUI, faulty auto parts, hazardous roads, inclement weather, and more.

Finding a Lawyer

The emotions involved in losing someone you love can be intense and are often overwhelming. After a fatal crash, it can be challenging to focus, and even daily tasks can be hard to accomplish. For this reason, many want to postpone talking with a lawyer. However, having legal representation right away can be critical in claiming the payments you deserve for your damages. It’s essential to contact a Marysville wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible. If you’d like to know more about finding a lawyer you can trust, take a look at the below video:

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Marysville Area Highway Crash Leaves Two Fatally Injured: Ed Smith

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