Man Killed in Oxnard Bicycle Accident


Man Killed in Oxnard Bicycle Accident

I’m Ed Smith, an Oxnard personal injury lawyer. An accident in Oxnard on May 9 caused the death of a bicyclist. The driver of the vehicle who struck the bike rider faces criminal charges in the incident.

I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the family of the deceased man in their time of sorrow.

What Happened

The accident happened at just after 3:00 in the afternoon, on southbound Victoria Avenue, close to Gum Tree, when the driver of an older Chevy van, also traveling southbound on Victoria, moved onto the shoulder, striking the bicyclist, 46. The Oxnard resident was reported to not have been transported to the hospital and is thought to have died at the scene despite the use of resuscitative medical aid.

Bicyclist Passed Away at the Accident Scene

Representatives of the police force in Oxnard say the report originally came in as an accident where one vehicle was reported to be in a ditch. Arriving at the scene, the officers found that the bicyclist had been run down by the vehicle.

Driver of Van Charged in Incident

The driver of the Chevy van was a resident of Ventura County, age 54, and remained at the site of the accident. It was determined by police, after an evaluation, that the driver was impaired by the use of a prescription drug at the time of the crash. Police subsequently arrested the driver. It is expected that he will be charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony DUI.

Road Closure

The area between Gonzales Road and Olivas Park was closed as the accident was investigated and cleared. Law enforcement has asked for the community’s help in providing any further details about the accident.

According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, collisions with motor vehicles in 2015 caused 818 fatalities in crashes with bicycles. These fatal bicycle accidents were out of the 35,092 of fatalities caused by motor vehicles, representing over 2 percent. In comparison, bike riding only constitutes 1 percent of the number of travel trips made in the country.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

The vulnerability of a bike rider can result in devastating injuries when in a collision with a motor vehicle. Common injuries include back and neck injuries, bone fractures, brain and head injuries or internal injuries with resulting chronic pain and extensive time off from work.

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