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Man Identified After Fatal Shasta Lake Boating Accident

Man Identified Following Fatal Shasta Lake Boating Accident

On Saturday, July 4, 2020, one person sadly lost his life in a Shasta Lake boating accident. The accident occurred in the morning and, according to officials from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO), four people were on the boat at the time of the incident. The decedent was identified by officials two days later as Floyd Warne Larkins, a 65-year-old resident of Cottonwood. The cause of the boating accident remains under investigation.

Crash Information

Police reported that the accident happened at around 9:00 a.m. in the Dry Fork Inlet area of Lake Shasta. Larkins, another man, a woman, and a child reportedly launched a small fishing boat from the Centimudi Ramp earlier in the morning. As they began to return to the launching dock, the boat started to sink. Authorities indicated that there were only two life jackets on the vessel. One of the jackets was reportedly given to the child and the other to the decedent.

The woman, child, and one of the men on the boat were able to swim to shore. However, Larkins tragically did not make it. Officials have stated that they have not yet been able to locate the sunken boat.


The SCSO’s Boating Safety Unit is reportedly looking into what could have been the cause of this accident. Officials have asked that anybody who may have witnessed the incident get in touch in order to aid with investigations. Witnesses are urged to call SCSO at (530) 245-6075 to report what they’ve seen.

The Impact of a Deadly Accident

Suddenly losing a person that you care about is terrible and many people experience intense grief following deadly accidents. This grief can make it difficult to focus and many have a hard time keeping up with their normal lives during such a traumatic time. In many cases, people are able to find comfort by relying on the support of their friends, family, and community.

However, the sad truth is that a deadly accident can cause financial issues that leave families in a stressful financial situation. In many cases, worrying about finances makes it impossible for people to process their grief. Losing a family member can mean losing the main income earner in your home. In other cases, families lose access to very valuable services like home maintenance, cleaning, and childcare.

To ensure that you and your loved ones can have financial security while you grieve, it’s critical to reach out to an attorney who can help you file a wrongful death claim in order to claim compensation for your damages. The sooner that a lawyer can begin working on your case, the more able they will be to keep liable parties from disclaiming responsibility.

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