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Man Hurt During Vacaville Car Crash

Man Injured in Vacaville Car Crash

One person suffered serious injuries after he was involved in a car crash in Vacaville on Thursday, January 9, 2020. Vacaville Police Department (VPD) reported that the collision involved only one car and happened in the morning on the eastern side of town. The injured man was hospitalized but is expected to survive his injuries. VPD has indicated that they are still investigating the crash.

Collision Information

Police reports state the accident happened on Leisure Town Road at around 7:00 a.m. A man driving a BMW apparently lost control of his car and veered off-road near the Hawkins Road intersection. After leaving the road, the vehicle’s broadside collided with a nearby tree, trapping the driver inside.

Fire Battalion Chief Matt Lage told reporters that it took responders around 45 minutes altogether to extricate the driver from the BMW. After successful extrication, medics determined that he had suffered serious leg fractures, and the man was taken to the Vacaville Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. According to traffic reports, Leisure Town Road remained closed to traffic in the area of Hawkins Road until about 8:00 a.m.

Investigation of Vacaville Car Crash

As police are attempting to find out what caused the crash, no suspected factors have been mentioned. In many cases, single-vehicle accidents happen because of factors outside of driver control. These can include things like hazardous roads and/or defective car parts.

Leg Injuries

Recovering after suffering a serious leg injury can be very difficult. In many cases, survivors face a complicated and painful recovery process, as well as severely limited mobility. With serious injuries, the recovery period can take a long time, and not being able to fully use your legs may mean no longer being able to participate in activities you care about or even perform your job.

On top of how injuries affect you personally, recovering your health can also require multiple medical procedures as well as extended therapy and medication use. All of these things can be expensive, and families often worry about how they will be able to afford their medical bills, especially if they’ve lost income due to the accident.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Many people are unsure if they will need a lawyer in order to claim the compensation they deserve after being injured in an auto accident. Because injury cases can be complicated, you should make sure that you at least get advice from an attorney before moving forward with a personal injury case. Because personal injury lawyers typically offer free phone consultations, it’s always a good idea to talk about your case with a trustworthy Vacaville personal injury lawyer. If you’d like some more information about filing a claim, take a minute to watch this video:

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