Man Drowns in Lake near Mt. Shasta


Man Drowns in Lake near Mt. Shasta

I’m Ed Smith, a Shasta Lake Personal Injury Lawyer. A man from Sebastopol, California was found dead in Cliff Lake by search and rescue divers on Sunday, July 30.

What Happened?

61-year-old Richard Louis Martin was last seen snorkeling in Cliff Lake which is in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Siskiyou County Sheriffs were called sometime around 4 p.m. with reports that the man had been missing. Witness told deputies that he was swimming and snorkeling around in the mountain lake the last time they saw him. The Sheriff’s deputies searched the area around the lake but could not locate Richard Martin. Deputies were able to find his hat and shoes along the lake shore which, along with statements given by friends and family, led officials to suspect that Mr. Martin was somewhere below the surface of the frigid waters.

On Sunday the Siskiyou County Sheriffs returned to the lake along with a search and rescue dive team to continue the search. The trail/road is three miles long with an elevation gain of only 100 feet. One can drive all the way to the lake but as the trail goes through some marshy areas, the dirt has been replaced with large rocks that make for a slow, bumpy ride. Upon arriving, the divers scoured the lake, which can reach a depth of 200 feet deep with average temperatures of 38 degrees. Martin’s body was found that day, 70 feet below the surface.

We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Martin during this difficult time.

Swimming/Hiking Alone

Enjoying the outdoors is a peaceful, almost spiritual experience for many people. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life where we are constantly bombarded with electronics, work, and stressful situations is necessary sometimes. A lot of people take refuge in the calmness and isolation that nature can provide so well, and while it is always best to have someone with you, some like to do it alone. This can recharge your soul’s batteries, but it can also leave you very vulnerable if a dangerous situation were to arise.

If you choose to go on solitary excursions or activities, make sure to have a plan of action. Tell a trusted family member or friend exactly where you are going and for how long. That way they will know where to send search and rescue if you do not return at an appointed time.

Many places in the mountains do not get good cell reception or any at all for that matter. If you sustain an injury or find yourself in an emergency situation, a first aid kit and course can help know what to do until you can find help or get to a place to call 911.

It is a good idea to pack fire starting materials, an emergency blanket and a knife with you even if you are just doing a day hike. If something were to happen and you needed to spend the night outside, those tools would make surviving much easier.

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