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May 15, 2024
Edward Smith

Injuries Reported in Major Sacramento Vehicle Crash on Power Inn Road

A major Sacramento vehicle crash on May 11 caused trauma to at least one person. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, the crash involved six vehicles and occurred at the Power Inn and Gerber Road intersection at about 11:43 a.m. Police identified four of the vehicles as a BMA, a Honda Civic, a Dodge Ram 2500 and a Chevy Silverado. 

One Person Suffers Head Trauma in Major Sacramento Vehicle Crash

Sacramento Fire Department emergency responders arrived to assess injuries and determined that one person had suffered head trauma. That individual was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Other injuries were not noted. 

Determination Being Made of Fault in Major Accident

All of the vehicles involved in the accident sustained major damage. A CHP traffic crash investigation is underway to determine which drivers were negligent and how the collision happened.

Intersection Accidents Can Be Complicated

Intersection collisions are notably complex due to the numerous potential scenarios and multiple sources of negligence involved. Seeking the help of an accident attorney can be beneficial. Such legal professionals not only identify the careless actions of the driver responsible for the accident but also investigate other areas where accountability may lie.

Assessing Responsibility in Intersection Collisions

The process of identifying which party is at fault in an intersection accident involves investigating the situation that led to the crash. This includes examining any breaches of traffic rules or instances of carelessness by the drivers involved. Compliance with traffic regulations is mandatory for all drivers, and any deviation can lead to accountability for any resultant harm or damages. The investigation into fault also takes into account factors like weather conditions, visibility, speed limits, and statements from witnesses to support claims for compensation for the affected.

Securing Compensation After an Injury Accident

Those who are injured in a major Sacramento vehicle crash may be eligible to pursue compensation. Compensation claims may cover a wide range of expenses including:

  • Medical expenses: This encompasses all health-related costs from the accident such as ambulance services, hospital stays, surgeries, diagnostic tests, treatment from physicians, and physical rehabilitation. It includes not only current medical expenses but also those anticipated in the future related to the accident.
  • Lost wages: Compensation can be sought for earnings lost due to the inability to work after an accident. This can extend to lost bonuses, tips, pensions and insurance benefits, among other potential earnings.
  • Reduced earning capacity: If the injuries result in the incapacity to earn as much as before the accident or necessitate a change to a lesser-paying role, the difference in earnings can be compensated. In the event of a permanent disability preventing any form of employment, compensation can include earnings up until the would-be retirement age.
  • Pain and suffering: Individuals affected by an accident can seek damages for physical pain and emotional distress. Emotional turmoil may include anxiety, depression, and other psychological effects, with costs for professional psychological support being recoverable.

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