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Major Injury Suffered by Motorcyclist in Sacramento Crash

Accident on Date Avenue Results in Major Injury to Motorcycle Rider

A major injury was reported in Sacramento on April 18 when a motor vehicle collided with a motorcycle. The collision happened shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon along Date Avenue, north of Chippendale Drive. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the Sacramento Police Department arrived at the scene along with first responders with the Sacramento Fire Department. 

Two-Vehicle Crash Under Investigation to Determine Fault

After being assessed by medics, it was determined the motorcycle rider had suffered major injuries. The patient was then transported to a hospital for medical care and additional evaluation. The investigation into the accident is ongoing to discover how it occurred and to place fault. It is unknown whether alcohol or drug consumption contributed to the major injury accident.

Reasons for a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists are vulnerable to injuries due to the instability of the vehicle and lack of protection such as those in motor vehicles. Negligence is commonly the cause of a major injury crash, and many times, a negligent driver is at fault. Some causes of a motorcycle accident include:

  • The main cause of a motor vehicle crash with a motorcyclist is when the driver makes a turn in front of the rider. In some cases, the driver thinks they can turn before the motorcyclist reaches them. However, it is extremely difficult to judge the distance and speed of another vehicle coming toward you.
  • Rear-end collisions are another cause of a major injury crash. A driver who crashes into the rear of a motorcyclist can cause the rider to be ejected from their bike, resulting in serious injuries.
  • Lane-splitting can end up causing a major injury accident. Although it is legal in California, a driver can attempt to change lanes without noticing a motorcycle in the next lane.
  • Dooring accidents occur when a driver or passenger in a parked vehicle opens their car door without looking.
  • Unsafe road conditions, such as neglected maintenance, can lead to a major injury motorcycle accident. The government entity charged with maintenance may be held liable in these cases.
  • Defects: In some cases, a defect in the brakes, tires or other parts of the motorcycle can end up causing a crash. Our engineers can examine the bike to verify if this is the case. If so, a product liability claim can be made against the manufacturer, designer of the part and others in the chain.

Proving Liability

To prove liability against the at-fault person or entity, an investigation to collect evidence must be conducted. Our investigators examine every area where liability may be found. The investigation includes looking for defective parts, government negligence and fault by another driver or entity. In addition, we check for the following:

  • The investigators search for roadway, business and traffic surveillance cameras that might have captured the motorcycle major injury accident on video.
  • The police report is examined for mistakes, and witnesses are interviewed.
  • Accident reconstruction is carried out, which details the positioning of the vehicles and demonstrates how the collision occurred.

When the evidence is compiled, our injury attorneys use it to build a case that supports our client’s claim for compensation.

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