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February 09, 2023
Edward Smith

Major Injury Results From Pocket Road Off-Ramp Accident 

A major injury collision occurred in Sacramento on February 5 involving two vehicles. The accident happened along northbound I-5 on the Pocket Road off-ramp around 6:24 p.m. when a Cadillac collided with a GMC Acadia. The vehicles ended up on the left-hand side of the off-ramp in a grassy area. One was about 20 feet down an embankment, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) accident report. 

One Person Hospitalized After Two-Vehicle Off-Ramp Accident

A witness to the crash reported that they saw one person in a vehicle with their head on the steering wheel. At least one person was transported to a hospital with a major injury. An investigation was conducted by the CHP to determine fault and how the collision occurred.

Highway Ramp Crashes Can Cause Serious Injuries

Highway ramps and their surroundings are often scenes of accidents. When they occur on a ramp, they can be particularly dangerous. As a result of the tight quarters, vehicles can crash into the roadway underneath if they go off the ramp. These collisions occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • As a driver approaches the ramp, he or she tries to change lanes. Sideswipe accidents on ramps are more likely to occur because traffic is packed so tightly, which means vehicles are less protected.
  • It is common for drivers to enter a ramp at too high a speed, resulting in a sudden loss of control or a rear-end collision.
  • Run-off-road accidents on highway ramps are often caused by drunk drivers, who account for about 14 percent of collisions.
  • An off-ramp crash can be caused by cutting off another vehicle and can result in a major injury.
  • Accidents caused by defective vehicle parts can result in serious injuries. After a crash, retaining the vehicle is necessary so engineers can examine it and determine if there were any auto defects to blame. The manufacturer and others may be sued for auto product liability if these problems cause a collision.
  • A major injury accident can occur due to a poorly designed exit ramp. When this occurs, a personal injury lawyer may help to file a claim against the government body that maintains the road. These claims must be filed within six months. You can obtain the best settlement possible by having an injury lawyer negotiate with the government entity on your behalf.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

When you suffer an injury in a two-vehicle crash, you should contact a car accident lawyer for help. Upon reviewing the accident scene, your lawyer gathers evidence that supports your compensation claim, which he will use to negotiate with the insurance company or take it to civil court if necessary. The following damages are recoverable:

  • Expenses related to the accident, such as hospitalization and medical bills, can be recouped.
  • An injured party can claim lost wages due to their inability to work. Among these are regular bonuses and other benefits such as insurance and pensions.
  • The injured person may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. In addition to physical pain, psychological suffering is also included.

Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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