Major Injury Crash Occurs on Sacramento Interstate

I-5 Accident Causes Injuries in Three-Vehicle Crash

A major injury was reported in a Sacramento accident on Interstate 5 on February 21 following a three-vehicle crash. The accident occurred shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon on the northbound side of I-5 just north of the Sutterville Road off-ramp. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) police report, it involved a Ford SUV, Honda Civic, and Ford Fusion.

Patient Transported to Hospital With Major Injury

The three vehicles involved in the major injury accident blocked lanes two and four. The violent collision caused two broken axles on one of the vehicles, which had to be towed. First responders with the Sacramento Fire Department arrived to discover one party who was unconscious but breathing. That patient was quickly taken to a hospital nearby for treatment and additional evaluation.

Multiple-Vehicle Accidents

When you’re traveling on the highway and an accident occurs near you, it can be difficult to avoid becoming involved. Some of the reasons a multiple-vehicle accident involving serious injuries occurs include:

  • A driver attempts to make an unsafe lane change but doesn’t notice a vehicle next to them because they are in a blind spot.
  • A motorist slows down suddenly because traffic has come to a halt up ahead.
  • A driver is speeding and unable to stop in time to prevent crashing into the vehicle ahead.
  • An object has fallen in the roadway, and a driver has attempted to take evasive action, only to become involved in a major injury collision.
  • The taillights on one vehicle are not operational, and the driver behind doesn’t realize it.
  • A drunk or drugged driver is sharing the roadway, which can lead to a major injury collision.
  • A driver is texting or talking on their cell phone instead of concentrating on the surrounding traffic.
  • A motorist has been working the late shift or is taking medicine that makes them sleepy and nods off behind the wheel.

All of the reasons above are enough to cause a multiple-vehicle accident resulting in a major injury. A personal injury lawyer can investigate the accident to determine who was at fault. This allows a person who suffered a major injury to place a claim for damages to recover their financial loss. 

How a Multiple-Vehicle Major Injury Accident Is Investigated

Our investigative team is experienced in discovering the cause of an accident that involves multiple vehicles. They interview witnesses to the crash and look for errors in the police report. Accident reconstruction is performed, which shows how the major injury collision occurred and can point toward fault.

Roadway and traffic surveillance cameras are sought that may have caught the accident on film. If there are surveillance cameras in the area, the films can be subpoenaed to be checked. 

In addition, roadway problems are checked to see if the government entity in charge was negligent. From roadway lighting to potholes and malfunctioning traffic signals, if negligence by the government entity is involved, a claim can be placed against them to recover damages.

Our injury attorneys go to work once the evidence is gathered. They can use it to construct a compelling case that favors our client’s claim for fair compensation.

Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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