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Major Injury Accident Involving Motorcyclist Occurs in Wilton

Alta Mesa Road Intersection Site of Motorcyclist Injury

A major injury occurred to a motorcyclist in Wilton on February 4 in a collision with a pickup truck. The accident happened at the intersection of Alta Mesa Road and Walmort Road around 2:31 in the afternoon. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) arrived at the scene as well as first responders with the Wilton Fire Department to help. 

Further Details of the Major Injury Accident

The motorcyclist was found to have suffered major injuries in the crash and was transported to a hospital for additional treatment and evaluation. The person who reported the accident said that the motorcycle went into a slide and crashed into the truck. A tow truck had to be called to remove the bike. The CHP is conducting an investigation into the Wilton major injury accident to determine how it happened.

Causes of a Motorcycle Slide

When a motorcycle slides, serious injuries can result. Either the front or rear wheel can be the cause of a slide. Some of the reasons this happens are:

  • Excessive acceleration through a corner or out of one can cause a motorcycle to go into a slide. 
  • Braking excessively when cornering is another way that a motorcycle can begin to slide, causing a major injury.
  • Excessive speed heading into the corner is another way the motorcycle can slide.
  • Oil, gravel, or water on the pavement can cause a slide.
  • A vehicle stopping suddenly can cause a motorcycle to slide when the rider hits the brakes hard, resulting in a slide and a major injury.
  • A driver pulls out in front of a motorcyclist, causing the rider to make an emergency maneuver in order to avoid a collision. This is the most common cause of a motorcycle crash.
  • Manhole covers and wet leaves can also lead to a sliding accident.

How an Injury Lawyer Can Help

As in other types of accidents, it is critical that the cause of the crash be identified. It is easy to see how the causative agent for a motorcycle accident due to uneven pavement, speeding, or involving another vehicle must be proven. At our law firm, we make every effort to investigate the accident and prove fault

Investigating a Motorcycle Accident

We send our investigative team to the accident site to examine the location in a search for evidence. They begin by looking at the road surface for signs of government negligence (i.e., road debris, spilled oil, or broken pavement) and talking to witnesses. They also obtain videos of the accident from traffic surveillance cameras and nearby businesses. On occasion, a bystander may have taken a video of the accident using their cell phone, and if possible, this is used.

The investigators also review police reports for inaccuracies and perform accident reconstruction techniques to determine liability. Once all this data is amassed, it is released to our injury attorneys to build a robust case for our client. 

Personal Injury Lawyer in Sacramento

My name is Ed Smith. I am a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. When a negligent motorist caused your injuries, you might be able to place a claim for compensation. This can cover the cost of your medical expenses, wages you have lost, and your pain and suffering. Contact me at (916) 921-6400 or (800) 404-5400 for my free, friendly advice. You can also contact me online by sending me a message.

My law office has helped many Northern Californians since 1982 in obtaining the compensation they deserve for all types of traumatic injuries, traffic collisions, and wrongful deaths. We handle other kinds of personal injury cases also, including product liability and government claims.

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