Major Injuries Suffered During Crescent City Area Crash

Major Injuries Sustained During Crescent City Area Crash

On Monday, February 15, 2021, one person sustained major injuries as the result of a Crescent City area crash. California Highway Patrol (CHP) indicated that the incident happened on a rural highway and involved a single car. Whether or not anyone besides the driver was in the vehicle at the time of the accident has not been reported and the collision is presently under a CHP investigation.

Crash Information

CHP traffic information states that the accident happened at around 10:42 p.m. on Highway 199, a short distance north of Myrtle Beach to the east of Crescent City. According to reports, a small sedan was driving on the highway when, for unknown reasons, it overturned, eventually coming to a rest on the driver’s side. Police reported that the wrecked vehicle was blocking both northbound and southbound lanes.


CHP dispatchers sent responders to the scene, and officers arrived shortly after the collision occurred. At the scene, officials found that the vehicle driver was trapped inside the wreck, and firefighters conducted an emergency extrication. After extrication, responders determined that the individual had sustained two broken wrists as well as lacerations. Reports indicated that the driver was alert and coherent on-scene.

Police called for an ambulance to transport the injured driver to the Sutter Coast Hospital. At 11:36 p.m., CHP updated the accident report to reflect that the driver had suffered severe injuries. Updates on their medical condition had not been provided at the time of reporting.


While CHP investigates what could have caused this terrible crash, officers haven’t indicated that they suspect any particular factors. Commonly, single-vehicle collisions happen for multiple reasons. Furthermore, many vehicle accident causes aren’t driver-related. Examples include accidents that happen due to defective or dangerous roads, as well as collisions that occur because of faulty car products.

In particular, rollover accidents often cause serious damages because of weak roofs. When this occurs, the company that made the car is often considered to be an at-fault party. However, your attorney has to prove that the car was improperly built or designed, so you need to make sure to preserve your vehicle as evidence for your case.

Recovering from Major Injuries

Recovering from a severe car accident injury can be painful, mentally stressful, and often takes a long time. On top of this, the necessary medical treatments can be numerous and often have a very high price point. Paying for ambulances, surgeries, hospital stays, medicines, physical therapy, and more can add up to a major bill, and affording this care can be even harder for those who’ve had their income affected by their injuries. Sadly, these issues can leave car accident survivors in a very difficult situation.

While all of this can feel overwhelming, it is often possible to claim compensation for these losses. To learn about how you may be able to hold at-fault parties and/or insurance companies financially responsible for your accident damages, it’s important to call a Crescent City car accident lawyer at your earliest opportunity.

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