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April 22, 2016
Edward Smith

Lyft Fatality Lawsuit

Lyft Death Lawsuit

The family of a man killed while riding as a passenger in a Lyft car has sued the ride-sharing company.

What Happened?

In 2014, 24-year-old Shane Holland was fatally injured in a tragic Lyft collision on Interstate 80. Shane and his partner were returning home after attending a Halloween celebration. They utilized the popular ride-sharing service Lyft.  According to California Highway Patrol (CHP), the Lyft driver quickly swerved to avoid a disabled vehicle on Interstate 80 in Sacramento County. Shortly after swerving, the Lyft car collided with a tree. Tragically, on November 1, 2014, Shane Holland lost his life, and his partner was injured as a result of the collision. No medical bills have been paid by Lyft for injuries sustained by Shane’s partner.

What Did Lyft Say?

Lyft has claimed their driver is an independent contractor. Lyft sent the injured passenger an email offering to comp the ride and extend one more free ride. The following day, Lyft sent an emailed condolence. The third email Lyft sent indicated they would cover the cost of medical care for the injured passenger.

What Did the Lyft Fatality Lawsuit Say?

Attorneys representing the family have indicated Lyft has not even acknowledged their driver was at fault.

The family’s lawyers indicated evidence shows the Lyft driver was driving 75 mph.

Was Alcohol or Drugs a Contributing Factor to the Collision?

It remains unclear if CHP investigators performed drug and/or alcohol testing on the Lyft driver. The case was sent over to the Sacramento District Attorney’s office.

What Did the CHP Report Say?

According to the CHP report, the Lyft driver did not have proof of insurance.

What Did Shane’s Family Say?

Shane’s mom says her son had a wide grin and an even bigger heart.

What do I do if injured in a Lyft or Uber Accident?

There are many different factors involved in Lyft or Uber accident cases. If you’ve been involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured Uber or Lyft driver or are unclear about which insurance you should pay, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. Or, when the ride-sharing company is not paying for your medical expenses, contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

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