Lodi Dog Attack

Lodi Dog Attack

Lodi Dog Attack

Lodi Dog Attack

I’m Ed Smith, a Lodi Personal Injury Attorney. Bertha Lopez and her family were out walking their two pet Chihuahuas, Dora and Powder, on the evening of Tuesday, June 21, 2016, when one of their beloved dogs was viciously attacked by a pit bull.

Pit Bull Came Charging Out of an Apartment

Lopez and her parents rounded the corner near Eilers Lane and Lilac Street. Suddenly, a pit bull came wandering out of an apartment and viciously confronted and then attacked Powder, the family’s long-haired, white Chihuahua. Sadly the dog died as a result of its injuries.

After that, the pit bull got in close proximity to Bertha’s mother who was handling Dora. Lopez screamed, “NO!” She watched as the pit bull sauntered back into the apartment where it came from. The residents inside the apartment were making a call to the police regarding the altercation.

Family Deeply Saddened at Loss of Family Pet

Lopez indicated to the press that she is deeply saddened at the loss of her family’s beloved pet dog. She also described how she is having difficulty sleeping at night imagining all the things that could have happened to her and her family.

Same Pit Bull Attacked Another Woman and Her Dog the Week Prior

After making a report to the Lodi Police Department, Lopez was informed that the same pit bull had attacked and bitten a female and her dog the week prior to this incident. In that instance, police were unable to locate and catch the dog, she said.

An official from the Lodi Police Department acknowledged that the Lopez family Chihuahua was on a leash at the time of the attack, and later passed away. The official also confirmed that the pit bull in question was the same dog that attacked another woman and her pet dog on June 14.

The pit bull responsible for Tuesday’s attack was taken away from the apartment by animal control. The people living there had been fostering the pit bull.

Lopez said, the woman who was attacked and bitten on June 14 confirmed that this was the same pit bull who attacked her recently.

The family has heard nothing more from police or anyone else as to the final resolution of this matter. The family remains quite shaken after the traumatic events of June 21.

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