Lodi Car Accident Today Fatally Injures Manteca Man

Auto Accident Fatally Injures Manteca Man Near Lodi

Auto Accident Fatally Injures Manteca Man Near Lodi

I’m Ed Smith, a Manteca wrongful death attorney. A Manteca man was driving his 1999 Toyota northbound along Highway 99 just south of Lodi on April 22, 2018. Shortly before 5:00 am, the man was proceeding along the highway near Armstrong Road when, for undetermined reasons, his vehicle veered to the right onto the shoulder and lost control. The Toyota then drifted to the left across the highway before colliding with the center median and overturning. The impact reportedly caused the man to be ejected out of the vehicle and onto the roadway. His car as being in a traffic lane without its lights on. A 29-year-old Stockton man was approaching the scene of the accident in a 2005 Nissan and was unable to stop in time and hit the Toyota and possibly the motorist. Unfortunately, the 29-year-old Manteca man passed away due to his injuries at the scene. His identity has not yet been released publicly due to pending notification of his next-of-kin.

My thoughts and condolences are with the bereaved loved ones of the man as they mourn the loss of their friend and family member.

Accident Investigation 

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has not yet determined a cause of the car accident due to the ongoing investigation. It is unknown whether one or more vehicles collided with the Manteca man before his passing. While officials have not yet decided what caused the collision, some possible factors may include speeding, distracted driving, defective vehicle equipment and hit and run.

Roof Crush Injuries

When a vehicle is involved in a rollover accident, the car may often overturn multiple times before coming to a stop. If objects are flying around inside the cabin during a rollover, they may strike the passengers and cause serious injuries such as brain trauma. Rollovers may also cause a vehicle’s roof to collapse inward into the protective zone if the frame fails to absorb the impact properly. This may cause vehicle occupants to suffer crush injuries including bone fractures, nerve damage, compartment syndrome, bruising and bleeding. In some cases, inadequate roof strength may be considered a manufacturing defect.

Wrongful Death

In California, a death that has been caused by the negligent acts of another party or entity is defined as a wrongful death. For example, fatalities caused by motor vehicle collisions, defective products, medical malpractice and construction site accidents may all be considered as wrongful death cases under the law. By California Code of Civil Procedure Section 377.60, certain individuals related to the deceased are entitled to receive compensation in a wrongful death claim including:

  • Deprivation of inheritance, future financial support, and household services
  • Expenses of a burial and funeral
  • Medical costs accumulated before the death
  • Loss of affection, comfort, companionship and moral support
  • Losing the victim’s care, guidance, and training as a parent
  • Punitive damages (in some cases)

Losing someone you love due to another party’s negligence is a devastating time for any family especially when a member’s support is suddenly gone. If someone you love has passed away due to negligence, you need the assistance of an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Manteca. A seasoned lawyer can help you and your family recover optimum restitution in a wrongful death lawsuit for your loved one’s unfortunate passing.

Manteca Wrongful Death Attorney

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