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Lincoln Lumber Mill Accident Causes Fatality in Explosion

Accident at Lincoln Boulevard Saw Mill Causes Fatality From Explosion 

An explosion occurred in a lumber mill accident in Lincoln recently that caused the death of one employee and injury of another. The accident happened around noon at a mill owned by Sierra Pacific Industries, located on Lincoln Boulevard. According to Chief Doug Lee of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department, the man who died was identified as Milo Fryer, Jr., age 34 and a Lincoln resident. 

Details of the Accident

Fryer was a lumber mill employee and had been working on a big air compressor with another employee when the explosion occurred. Fryer reportedly suffered life-threatening injuries in the explosion and was declared dead at the accident scene. The other employee, whose name has not yet been released, was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance with unspecified injuries. 

Investigation of the Accident

In addition to an investigation being conducted by the Sheriff’s Office, it is also being investigated by the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, which is customary. Officials with Cal OSHA were photographing the scene and questioning witnesses to the accident, which is given to the county coroner’s office and state officials to aid in their investigations.

How Air Compressor Explosions Occur

There are several ways that an explosion can occur that involve an air compressor. Air compressors are common because they are used with air-powered tools such as sanders and nail guns. An explosion involving an air compressor can occur for many reasons. These include manufacturer defect, faulty wiring, tampering with the controls, and corrosion inside the tank, with the latter being the main cause. Corrosion occurs due to negligence because:

  • Condensation naturally forms in the tank.
  • The condensation has to be drained regularly to prevent corrosion of the tank’s lining.
  • Manufacturer requirements dictate that air compressor tanks be drained daily to prevent corrosion.
  • If the compressor is placed in storage, the drain valves have to be closed, so moisture can’t get inside.
  • If the safety of the tank is in doubt, it should be checked by a professional.

Workers’ Compensation Cases

Generally, employees covered under workers’ comp are not able to sue their employers. However, if a third party such as a negligent manufacturer or other employee is responsible, the family may place a claim for wrongful death. An attorney experienced in handling these cases may be able to help the family obtain the compensation they deserve when their loved one has died as a result of negligence.

Grief Following a Wrongful Death

Although any death in the family is traumatic, wrongful death is especially so because the loved one was taken away when it didn’t have to happen. Some ways that people can be supportive of someone who is grieving include:

  • Offer condolences through a sympathy card, flowers, donation to a charity, or in person.
  • Send over food, whether prepared at home or ordered from a restaurant. A person deep in grief often doesn’t eat properly.
  • Offer a sympathetic ear. Someone who is grieving needs to talk because it is one way they become accepting of the situation.
  • Help around the house, such as chauffeuring children to and from school or cleaning.
  • Make your presence known after the funeral service. This is a difficult period, too, as the family adjusts to life without their loved one.

Lincoln Wrongful Death Lawyer

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