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Late Night Crash in Fairfield Injures Four People

Late Night Crash in Fairfield Hurts Four People

Four people were injured during a late-night crash in Fairfield that took place on Sunday, June 21, 2020. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) responded to the accident but has not yet reported how many vehicles were involved. According to reports, injuries ranged from severe to minor and the accident remains under an active police investigation.

Crash Information

The accident occurred on the eastbound side of Highway Interstate 80 close to the exit located at Red Top Road on the western edge of the city. According to police, the crash occurred just after midnight and involved a vehicle that had been driving on the wrong side of the road. Pictures of the accident show extreme damage to the front end of a black-colored sedan.

Responders from the Fairfield Fire Department (FFD) found that multiple individuals were seriously hurt during the accident and had to extricate at least one person from a damaged vehicle using heavy machinery. All injured parties were either hospitalized or given medical attention at the accident scene.


As CHP officers continue to investigate what could have possibly caused this accident, no investigators have stated any likely factors other than driving on the wrong side of the road. Wrong-way accidents are common and can be caused by things outside of driver control, including defective roads, vehicle part issues, and more.

Accident Injuries

Suffering an injury during an auto accident is often a very serious issue. People injured during vehicle collisions are frequently faced with a painful and stressful healing process that can take months or even years. With extreme injuries, crash survivors can be left with life-long health issues like limited mobility, chronic pain, or difficulty with cognition. In turn, these issues can affect many aspects of life and may make it difficult or impossible to participate in activities that you care about or to perform your job.

Calling an Attorney

Not only are accident injuries painful and stressful, but they can also cause financial hardship. Individuals dealing with accident injuries typically face a series of medical bills as well as lost income and/or earning potential. Fortunately, many are able to get the help they need by working with a Fairfield personal injury lawyer and filing a claim against insurers and/or at-fault parties to the accident.

By filing personal injury claims, it’s often possible for people in a difficult situation to get the help they need. However, injury claims can be complicated and at-fault parties often try to disclaim responsibility. To make sure that you are properly compensated, it’s critical to seek advice from an experienced Fairfield personal injury attorney before deciding to take action.

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