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Large Traffic Safety Award Granted to OTS

OTS Awarded $93.7 Million for Traffic Safety Programs

A press release has been issued by the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS). $93.7 million has been awarded to the agency to go toward efforts that are aimed at the prevention of serious injuries and death on California roadways.  The goal of the projects funded by the grants is to improve road safety for all by changing behaviors in order to ensure that every person, regardless of their mode of travel, gets to their destination safely.  

The OTS operates under the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) and is the agency responsible for administering traffic safety grants and providing innovative programs with a goal of decreasing, and ultimately eliminating, traffic injuries and fatalities on California roadways. 

Where the Money Comes From & What it Will be Used For

The $93.7 million comes from grants within the OTS Highway Safety Plan, which functions as a roadmap to address the most pressing challenges to traffic safety.

Some of the traffic safety programs that the OTS grants will fund include:

  • Efforts in collaboration with neighborhood sheriff/police departments to address priorities related to traffic safety, including the prevention of drug and alcohol-impaired driving, enforcement of the hands-free mobile phone law, pedestrian and bicyclist safety measures, and actions targeting the primary causes of vehicle crashes
  • Law enforcement officer training in the detection of drug and/or alcohol impairment
  • Statewide prosecutor training collaboration for managing cases of DUI and DUI treatment programs
  • Programs that educate the public on the proper use of child safety seats
  • Road safety education programs for teenagers/new drivers
  • Road safety education programs for older adults
  • Development and/or enhancement of the collection of crash data
  • Community workshops and other events aimed at examining ways to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists, with an emphasis on areas near public transit hubs and other areas that have the highest levels of pedestrian/bicycle traffic
  • Establishment of bicycle “labs” that provide equipment, tools, and related resources to the public so bicyclists can learn how to conduct pre-ride safety checks, do regular bike maintenance, ensure proper helmet fittings, and gain a deeper understanding of the rules of the road
  • Implementation of new, specialized equipment designed to assist first responders in crash victim rescue

Watch the YouTube video.  Below is a recently released OTS video on walking safely.

Monies Awarded are Within a One-Year Grant

These federal grant awards span one federal fiscal year – from October 1, 2020, to September 30, 2021.  The grants were awarded on the basis of identifiable problems with traffic safety, proposed strategies aimed at improving road safety, and proven measures that have been taken to reduce traffic injuries and deaths.

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