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Labor Day Car Crash in Vacaville Causes Deadly Injury

Labor Day Car Crash in Vacaville Causes Fatal Trauma

On Monday, September 7, 2020, a car crash in Vacaville tragically left one person with fatal injuries. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the incident involved multiple vehicles and took place during the very early morning and indicated that two additional individuals suffered injuries during the accident. The Solano County Sheriff’s Department is currently withholding the decedent’s identity pending family notification and the crash remains under CHP investigation.

Crash Information

The crash occurred at around 3:00 a.m. on Highway Interstate 80 near Batavia Road on the eastern side of Vacaville. CHP indicated that an Audi and a BMW were involved in a prior accident and had pulled over into the left-hand shoulder of the westbound side of the highway and were exchanging insurance information just prior to the fatal accident.

As the two drivers were exchanging information, a westbound Toyota approached from the east. The Toyota reportedly collided with the BMW. According to CHP, the crash pushed the BMW into its driver, pinning him between his vehicle and the concrete highway median.


Directly after the accident occurred, it was called into CHP, and responders were sent to the scene. Upon reaching the crash location, emergency teams discovered that the BMW driver was critically injured. Sadly, the individual was pronounced deceased on-site. The two other drivers reportedly suffered minor injuries. Whether or not they received hospital treatment was not reported.


Westbound lanes of I80 remained closed to traffic between Batavia and Oday Roads for around two hours while police conducted accident response and preliminary investigations of the scene. So far, investigators haven’t reported any suspected causal factors. Often, collisions like this one are caused by numerous factors. Furthermore, many common car accident causes are non-driver factors like dangerous roads or defective car parts.

Recovering After a Fatal Accident

Families affected by deadly car accidents can find themselves in a very difficult situation. Often, people who suddenly lose a loved one experience intense grief and may feel overwhelmed by their loss. While the grieving process can take a long time, many people find comfort by relying on support from friends and family during such a difficult period.

However, the sad truth is that a deadly accident can cause serious financial problems for families, leaving them unable to focus on emotional healing. In many cases, a sudden death in the family means losing a critical source of income or access to important services like childcare or home maintenance. These issues often leave grieving families feeling as if they don’t know how they will be able to move forward with their lives.

While replacing a loved one isn’t possible, it is possible to seek compensation after a fatal accident. By filing wrongful death claims, many families can obtain payments to cover their damages. To learn a bit more about wrongful death damages before contacting an attorney, you can watch this short clip:

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