Klinton Harlan Yuba City Accident 2017

Klinton Harlan Yuba City Accident 2017

Man Causes Series of Accidents in Yuba City

I’m Ed Smith, a Yuba City Car Accident Lawyer. Several people were injured on July 19 when a man caused 3 different accidents in a row along Highway 99 and Highway 20.

What Happened?

The suspect, 24-year-old Klinton Harlan, was driving his father’s Kia Sorrento down Highway 99 and ran through the intersection of Franklin road and hit Michael Benton from Elk Grove. Michael was turning left through the intersection when he was struck by the Kia. One of the passengers in Benton’s vehicle was taken to the hospital after being removed from the wreckage by Yuba City firefighters.

Klinton Harlan escaped the wrecked SUV and ran away from the scene. He then jumped into the driver’s seat of a truck belonging to the California Department of Transportation. Harlan continued driving north on the Golden State Highway but as he crossed the next intersection at Bridge Street, he crashed again. This time there were three vehicles that were involved in the car accident. Captain Shon Harris, an officer with the California Highway Patrol, told reporters that a civilian stopped to help after the Bridge Street crash and Klinton stole their car, a Toyota Prius.

Harlan continued north on Highway 99 with the stolen Prius which happened to still contain a female passenger. Somehow the passenger escaped the vehicle around Highway 99 and Highway 20. Once rid of the passenger the suspect headed over to Tharp Road and struck another vehicle that was turning east onto Highway 20 as he blew through the intersection. This collision sent the Toyota Prius careening into the traffic that was waiting for their turn at the stoplight. Here the spree ended as Klinton suffered severe injuries from the last crash or a combination of the three separate collisions. Authorities called in a helicopter and air lifted him to a hospital to be treated and await arrest.

Klinton Harlan Investigation

Yuba City Police and the CHP are working jointly to piece together what happened. Total injuries are unknown but the woman who was in the Prius when Harlan took it did receive a bite on her arm in a struggle with the suspect. Two victims were sent to a hospital as well as Harlan. The entire incident involved 14 cars in 6 minutes and everything happened within a mile in Yuba City California.

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