Kingsbury Grade Accident


2 Dead in Head-On Collision Near South Lake Tahoe

I’m Ed Smith, a South Lake Tahoe Car Accident Lawyer. Two people were killed in a head-on car accident on SR 207, or Kingsbury Grade late at night on Tuesday, July 4.

What Happened?

52-year-old Thomas Guard and Moriah Williams, 34, of Carson City, Nevada were traveling eastbound along State Route 207 in the area known as Kingsbury Grade. As they were driving along the highway and descending down the eastern side of the Carson Mountain Range approaching Mottsville, they started to drift across the yellow double line and into oncoming traffic. While on the wrong side of the road they collided with a Ford F-150 driving the opposite way up the Kingsbury Grade about two miles before Foothill Road. Pictures of the scene show both cars as mangled, twisted wrecks. The front of the Scion is not recognizable because of the extensive damage and the windshield seems to be shoved inwards. Both Thomas Guard and Moriah Williams perished from their injuries received in the crash. Emergency responders also found a deceased dog in the wreckage.

The Ford pickup truck was also photographed in bad shape with significant burn marks suggesting there was a fire started by the car accident. The driver and passenger of the Ford were taken to the hospital with serious injuries but are expected to survive according to the Nevada Highway Patrol troopers who were on the scene. The truck appears to have fared better than the Scion with its cab more intact and most of the impact damage seems to have been concentrated on the front end. Troopers are investigating the cause of the car accident and ask anyone who may have witnessed the wreck to contact Doug Hildebrand at, or call 775-687-9617.

We extend our sympathies to the family and friends of the two individuals who passed away in this accident. We hope the other individuals involved in the accident have a speedy and full recovery.

Keeping Your Pet Safe While Driving

While it was hard to determine why the driver of the Scion crossed the double yellow lines we can provide suggestions for traveling with pets and how to keep you and your beloved animal safe.

  • The safest way for your pet to travel in the car would be in a strong, crash-tested crate. Materials such as strong metals, fiberglass, and sturdy plastic make the best choices. You can also provide padding inside which will cushion the pet’s body if it were to hit against the walls.
  • Do not drive with the windows rolled down all the way. Many dogs love to stick their heads out the window while driving. With their head all the way out, there is a good chance that they will lose their balance on a sharp turn or corner and fall out causing injury to the canine.
  • Do not let pets roam freely around the car or ride in the back of the truck. In the instance of a collision, the pet’s body will fly around because of their forward inertia. This is dangerous for both the pet and you. Being hit by 100-pound dog flying through the vehicle cabin due to an accident can cause serious injury.

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