Kidney Laceration in a Car Accident

Kidney Laceration in a Car Accident

In a car accident, individuals could sustain kidney laceration. This severe injury could lead to significant complications down the road. The kidneys play an essential role in the body. Using a complicated tubular system, the kidneys remove toxins from the body via the urine. The kidneys also filter various ions such as sodium, potassium, and chloride. This helps the body maintain safe levels of all of these substances. Unfortunately, kidney laceration could lead to severe problems.

The Complications of a Kidney Laceration

If an individual sustains a blow to the kidney in a traumatic accident, there are several symptoms that people might notice. Some of these include:

  • Severe abdominal pain that gets worse with movement.
  • Bruising of the flank of the abdomen.
  • Blood that is present in the urine.
  • Foaming of the urine, signifying protein.

One of the most significant complications of a kidney laceration is internal bleeding. An injury to the capsule or the cortex of the kidney could cause the kidney to bleed into the abdominal cavity. Because the abdomen could only hold enough blood to cause life-threatening problems, anyone noticing these symptoms should seek medical care as quickly as possible.

Treatment of a Kidney Laceration

The treatment of a kidney laceration will depend on the severity of the injury. Those who present with the symptoms described above will probably receive imaging of their kidney to grade the injury. In some situations, the treatment could be rest and pain medication. Over time, the kidney laceration will heal on its own.

In other cases, the injury could be severe enough to require surgery. If the doctor is concerned that the bleeding will not stop on its own, or if other serious injuries are present, surgery might be necessary to sew the laceration and stop the bleeding. After this, a long recovery process is typically required.

Watch YouTube Video: My Lacerated Kidney. In this video, physical educator and athlete Dylan Larkin explains how he suffered a lacerated kidney while playing sports.

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer

Once families have sought medical care for this severe injury, it is essential to ask for help during the recovery process. This is where meeting with a car accident lawyer in Sacramento can help families find answers. Numerous benefits come from working with an injury attorney. A few of these include:

  • Having access to an objective professional who can help families make challenging decisions during a difficult time.
  • Getting help with seeking damages related to the accident, its injuries, and any complications.
  • Receiving guidance in moving a case to trial when necessary.

Reach out to an auto accident attorney in Sacramento today. You and your family could be entitled to a financial award.

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