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October 21, 2019
Edward Smith

First Juul Wrongful Death Lawsuit Has Been Filed

Recently, the first Juul wrongful death suit was filed. The lawsuit alleges that a young teenager died because he became addicted to vaping his Juul pen. This addiction eventually killed him. In the lawsuit, the family describes how, one morning, the father came downstairs to get a drink of water. He noticed that his son looked a little bit different than usual. After trying to arouse him, he realized his son was stiff and unresponsive.

The father contacted emergency medical services; however, despite their best efforts, his son was pronounced dead. Eventually, his son’s death was attributed to breathing problems. Despite this diagnosis, the parents say that he did not display any signs of breathing issues right before he passed away. This comes in contrast to the countless other children and adults who have been diagnosed with a mysterious respiratory illness over the past few months.

Signs of Addiction in the Juul Wrongful Death Suit

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the child displayed multiple signs of addictive behavior associated with his Juul vape pen. Often, individuals who are addicted to a substance will suffer terrible mood swings without access to it. The lawsuit paints a picture of exactly that. The parents describe that there was one instance where he threw a mini-refrigerator out the window because he was so furious about not having access to his vape pen.

Despite not having any breathing problems immediately prior to his death, the lawsuit does describe that he had been hospitalized multiple times for breathing problems over the past couple of years. All of these were attributed to vaping. Because of his addiction, the lawsuit describes how the hospital staff had to give him patches to placate his condition because he was so addicted to the Juul vape pen. Ultimately, the lawsuit alleges, his addiction cost him his life.

The Latest Juul Lawsuit Filed

This is only the latest of many Juul lawsuits to have been filed. While this is the first Juul wrongful death suit, there are other court cases already in process. Among the many allegations against Juul include lawsuits claiming that the company intentionally marketed its products to children, such as the teenager discussed above. Many of the products from Juul are fruit-flavored, which have tastes and appearances that are attractive to kids.

In addition to getting children hooked on vaping, the products are also dangerous for toddlers. The fruit-flavored liquid is brightly colored and can easily be mistaken for juice. If a toddler mistakenly ingests the vaping liquid by mistake, he or she may develop a serious case of nicotine poisoning. This might even be life-threatening.

A Mysterious Respiratory Illness Sweeps the Country

These lawsuits have been filed while the government continues to investigate a possible link between vaping and a mysterious respiratory illness that has swept across the country. It is unclear whether or not the breathing problems this teenager experienced are related to the hundreds of people who have been hospitalized recently for breathing concerns. So far, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are attributing this rash of illnesses to vaping.

In response, many states have issued total or partial bans on vaping. California is among them. In states where a ban has been enacted, it applies mostly to e-cigarettes and flavored vape products. While some people have criticized these bans as an example of government overreach, others argue that it is necessary to protect the public, including children, until the exact cause of these mysterious illnesses has been uncovered. More Juul wrongful death lawsuits might be coming in the future.

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