Investigations of burn injuries in fires

Investigations of burn injuries in fires

In accidents where a client has suffered a severe burn injury, its critical for an investigator to get to the scene expeditiously before things have materially changed.

An investigator certified by The National Association of Fire Investigators or other certified body is preferred.

The investigator will take forensic photographs, find and interview witnesses and possibly test residue with a gas chromatography or other technique to see what contributed to combustion.

One of the key things for an investigator to look for in trying to find the cause of a fire is to find the point of origin.

Several findings will help determine the point of origin. The place where a fire starts will generally burn the longest time and thus that area will have the worst damage.

Since fires burn upward the origin is likely to be at the lowest point of burn damage. There are exceptions, however, and with some fuels fires can burn downwards.

But typically fires burn upward and outward forming a V-shaped smoke and burn pattern, The end of the V is the likely origin of the fire. Plastics and glass also tend to melt in the direction of the flames so this structural damage can be another clue,

Some fire and smoke alarms are electronic and show which alarms were first triggered suggesting that the fire may have started in that room.

There are many many techniques involved in fire investigation and prompt investigation will increase the chances of pinning down responsibility.

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