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May 10, 2024
Edward Smith

Galbrath Drive Intersection Crash in Sacramento Involves Three Vehicles

An intersection crash in Sacramento occurred on May 8, sending one injured person to seek medical care. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened at the intersection of Galbrath Drive and Walerga Road just before 5:00 p.m. and involved three vehicles. Police reported that one person was privately transported to a hospital before they arrived at the scene. 

Investigation Into the Cause of Intersection Crash in Sacramento Underway

The other parties in their vehicles were waiting for them on the right-hand side of the roadway, out of the way of traffic. CHP traffic detectives will investigate the incident to determine fault in the collision and how it happened.

Why Intersection Collisions Are Highly Dangerous

Intersection accidents pose a grave risk due to the intense speed and power involved when vehicles impact each other. At intersections, vehicles move in different directions and often at speeds greater than those found on neighborhood roads or freeways. Unfortunately, red-light runners and speeders are common. This means that when vehicles meet at an intersection, the combined momentum can lead to a devastating collision, causing severe damage to the vehicles and potential injuries to the occupants.

Injuries in an Intersection Crash in Sacramento

The range of injuries sustained in such accidents can vary widely, such as the following:

  • Minor scrapes and bruises that heal with time 
  • Bone fractures, especially to the arms and legs
  • Brain injuries, ranging from concussions to hemorrhage or other severe trauma
  • Spinal cord and back damage, such as a ruptured disc, or temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Fatalities 

The situation can be particularly grim if there are additional passengers, especially children, who might not be secured properly. Beyond the physical injuries, the emotional impact on those involved in these accidents can be profound, following the distressing nature of the event.

Assessing Responsibility in Intersection Accidents

In the aftermath of an intersection accident, determining who is at fault involves analyzing the events leading up to the incident, including any breach of traffic regulations or negligence by the drivers involved. It’s important that all drivers adhere to traffic laws. Failure to comply can result in liability for any damages or injuries that occur.

Investigating an Intersection Crash in Sacramento

Lawyers also consider other elements, such as weather conditions, visibility at the time, and speed limits. Testimonies from witnesses can be crucial in determining what happened and establishing fault. The attorney’s responsibility is to meticulously investigate the accident site and compile a compelling case to secure compensation for the impacted individuals if feasible.

Securing Compensation After an Intersection Accident in California

In the unfortunate event of sustaining injuries in an intersection collision, engaging a lawyer can be instrumental in claiming compensation for the harm and losses endured. The scope of compensatory damages candidates might receive encompasses charges for medical care, including past, ongoing, and future treatment, lost income, diminished future earning potential, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

In this presentation, attorney Ed Smith offers guidance on choosing the ideal personal injury lawyer to represent you:


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