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Intersection Accident in Carmichael Injures Two

Mazda and GMC Yukon Collide in Carmichael Intersection

Two people were transported to a hospital with injuries following an intersection accident in Carmichael on July 30. The accident occurred when a Mazda and a GMC Yukon collided at Marconi Avenue and Gunn Road around 12:18 in the afternoon. According to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the Mazda then struck a tree. 

Injuries in an Intersection Accident

The driver and a passenger injured in the intersection crash were taken by medics to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center for additional evaluation and treatment. The CHP is conducting an investigation into the intersection accident to determine how it occurred and to assign liability.

Statistics for an Intersection Accident

It is the complexity of intersections coupled with reckless drivers that leads to the high risk of accidents found there. For example, four out of every 10 accidents occur in intersections. In addition, five out of 10 accidents in intersections are considered to be serious collisions, and 20 percent of the collisions are fatal. With dangerous conditions of this magnitude, it is necessary to know as much as possible about intersection crashes. 

An Experienced Intersection Accident Attorney Can Help

In order to win your claim, it is vital that you are represented by an experienced attorney. Ed Smith, founder and owner of, can bring the necessary legal acumen, compassion and diligence needed to successfully conclude your case. 

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Poor Intersection Design

Intersections are designed to allow proper traffic flow while keeping motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists safe. This is accomplished by placing stop signs and traffic lights in the intersection. Proving negligence includes:

  • The city agency in charge failed to place traffic lights in the intersection. Your attorney will check to see how many accidents occurred there prior to yours and learn why they occurred. If the absence of a traffic signal led to an increased number of crashes, then the city erred when it failed to provide traffic control. If the timing of the traffic light was improperly set, drivers may be more likely to run a red light
  • Crossing accidents are frequently caused when the driver’s view is obscured. This can occur when foliage is not maintained properly.
  • Cities have the obligation of updating the intersection as traffic flow changes over the years. For instance, a traffic sign may have been sufficient in the past, but today with an increase in the number of vehicles, traffic lights may be needed. Failure to accommodate this change may result in accidents. 
  • Pedestrian accidents are due to both the driver’s and the city’s negligence. Crosswalks need to be designed to allow safety for walkers while making sure that vehicular traffic is not affected. Repairs in crosswalks should be done in a timely manner, so pedestrians are safe.

 How an Intersection Crash Is Investigated

At intersections, vehicles, bicycle riders, motorcyclists and pedestrians converge. Although traffic lights or signs are frequently installed to guide them, a careless driver can cause an accident. For an injured person to collect damages to pay their expenses, it must be shown that someone else was at fault. 

Our investigative team is sent out to conduct a search for evidence, beginning with examining the police report for errors and talking to the witnesses. They look for traffic and road surveillance cameras and conduct accident reconstruction, which shows how the collision occurred. 

In an intersection accident, government negligence may be to blame. This can be because of a faulty traffic light, poor design, overhanging foliage, or narrow lanes. The gathered evidence is used by our experienced lawyers to build a case for fair compensation.

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