Injury Reported in Sacramento Traffic Accident Near On-Ramp

Chain-Reaction Traffic Accident on Golden State Highway

A traffic accident near an on-ramp in Sacramento on October 10 resulted in one person suffering pain. The collision occurred along Golden State Highway at the Mack Road on-ramp. The collision, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), involved a Chevy, Honda Accord and a Toyota Corolla. The slow lane was blocked by the crash, and at least one person reported a complaint of pain. 

Three Vehicles Towed from Scene of Highway Traffic Accident

Emergency medics with the Sacramento Fire Department were called to the accident scene to assess any injuries in the crash. No information was provided on whether any patients were transported to the hospital as a result. The vehicles were towed from the scene. An analysis is underway by the CHP to determine how the traffic collision took place.

Why Accidents Occur Near Highway On-Ramps

There are a few reasons why accidents tend to happen near highway on-ramps. There are two possible reasons for this: First, drivers may merge onto the highway without paying attention to the traffic already on it. Changing speed or direction suddenly can cause an accident. Second, on-ramps are usually located in heavily trafficked areas. There is therefore a greater chance of accidents occurring. In addition, on-ramps tend to be located on busy streets, causing chaos and confusion. An accident near an on-ramp can be caused by any of these factors.

What Causes a Chain-Reaction Accident

Chain-reaction accidents are usually caused by one vehicle rear-ending another and often happen near on-ramps. The car behind the driver may not have time to stop if the vehicle in front of them suddenly stops. If the driver is not paying attention, they can rear-end the car in front of them. In either case, once the first traffic accident occurs, subsequent collisions can cause domino effects. Multi-vehicle accidents with injuries can often result from this.

In cases of injuries caused by accidents near on-ramps, Sacramento personal injury lawyers can help you recover the compensation you deserve by determining which driver/drivers were negligent. In many cases, more than one driver is at fault. 

What Types of Injuries Occur in a Chain-Reaction Accident

In chain-reaction accidents, multiple vehicles are usually involved, resulting in very serious injuries. These types of accidents often result in the following types of injuries:

Seeking Medical Attention

If you or someone you love has been injured in a chain-reaction accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. This not only creates a baseline if symptoms of an injury are delayed but establishes proof that you were in a traffic crash, which can support a compensation claim. 

Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

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