Injury Occurs in Sacramento Two-Vehicle Elvas Freeway Accident 

Accident Between Two Vehicles Occurs Near N Street Off-Ramp

A two-vehicle freeway accident in Sacramento caused a minor injury on January 13, blocking the slow lane. The collision happened along the Elvas Freeway at the N Street off-ramp around 7:59 a.m. and involved two sedans. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), as well as the Sacramento Police Department, arrived at the scene. 

Minor Injury Reported in Freeway Accident

The vehicles were over on the side of the freeway. Medics were called to the scene to examine those involved when at least one person had a complaint of pain following the collision. They determined the injury was minor. Whether that patient was treated at the freeway accident scene or transported to a hospital for more evaluation is unknown. The incident is under investigation to determine which driver was at fault.

What Causes a Two-Vehicle Interstate Crash

Two-vehicle accidents on the interstate are typically caused by a combination of factors. Approximately 95 percent of all highway collisions are caused by negligence. For example:

  • Rear-end crashes: A tailgating driver may not have enough time to halt if a vehicle suddenly slows down or stops. Rear-end collisions can result in fatalities or serious injuries.
  • Speeding: A freeway accident is more likely to occur when one vehicle goes faster than the other cars around it. If another car cuts off the speeding vehicle or if something is in the road, it may not be able to stop in time. When the driver of the speeding vehicle has to steer around another car, they may also have difficulty doing so.
  • Weather conditions: It may be slicker on the road if it is raining or snowing. This may result in the driver losing control of their vehicle. Visibility may also be restricted, making it more difficult to see other vehicles and obstacles.
  • Poor road conditions: If there are obstructions or poor maintenance in a roadway, this can lead to a two-vehicle freeway accident. The driver might swerve in order to avoid a pothole in the road, which leads to an accident. Similarly, a driver may slide into oncoming traffic or even off the road if the roadway is greasy. The deadline for filing a claim against a government entity is six months, so consulting an accident attorney is advised.
  • Distracted driving: When a driver is not paying attention to the road, they may not notice another vehicle in their lane or obstacles. There is a possibility of a collision resulting from this. Drivers who text or talk on the phone, eat and drink while driving or look away from the road are all considered distracted.
  • Drunk driving: Intoxicated drivers have slowed reaction times and have difficulty steering. There is a greater chance of an accident occurring because of this. A two-vehicle accident on the interstate can also occur as a result of drunk drivers driving recklessly.

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