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Major Injuries Reported in Auto Accident on Highway 140 in Merced

Injuries Reported in Crash on SR-140 in Merced

Officials reported injuries in a crash involving several cars on SR-140 in the Merced area on the night of Sunday, August 15, 2021. The multi-vehicle collision occurred on State Route 140 eastbound near Kibby Road.

Details on the Crash Resulting in Injuries on SR-140 in Merced

The Merced Police Department (Merced PD) received the call regarding the incident shortly after 11:30 p.m. and were dispatched to the collision site. Officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) also responded to the scene since they were in the area assisting with road construction.

Authorities reported that at least four vehicles were stopped for road construction. A pickup truck was said to have crashed into one of the four cars that were stopped. The truck reportedly veered off the roadway and caught fire. Officials were able to extricate the driver before the truck was fully engulfed in flames.

One party was transported via air ambulance to a Modesto area hospital for treatment of serious injuries. A few of the occupants in the other cars involved in the crash were said to have suffered injuries described as minor, according to CHP traffic officers. Merced PD said driving under the influence (DUI) is suspected as a factor in the rear-end collision. Additional information on the incident was not immediately available.

What You Should Know About the Personal Injury Claims Process

Dealing with the insurance company after a car accident is never easy, especially when several parties are involved. While we would expect the insurer to make financial recovery easier, that is not always the case. Instead of paying for the damages you have suffered and compensate you fairly for your injuries, insurance carriers are focused on protecting their bottom line. That may mean that they may use defense tactics to avoid paying out claims or outright denying them. When worried about facing difficult insurers on your own, retaining legal counsel is essential in ensuring you receive a fair personal injury settlement.

Determining the value of a personal injury claim is not always straightforward. You may be unsure what damages are truly worth, and without the resources and knowledge, it may be easy to make a mistake. This is where the assistance of a skilled attorney may make the difference. An attorney will have the experience and resources to calculate for all economic and non-economic damages incurred. A lawyer will also determine whether you may be able to seek punitive damages in your case if the other party was found to have been driving under the influence or excessively speeding in the moments leading up to your accident. Rather than compensating you, these damages are solely intended to punish the at-fault party and deter them from repeating such egregious conduct in the future.

A personal injury claim may be intricate and challenging to receive answers for. If you have questions regarding the specifics of your case, reach out to an experienced injury lawyer for a free consultation. When concerned over whether you may be able to afford a personal injury attorney, don’t be. Hiring a lawyer to handle your case does not mean paying hourly rates; your case will be handled under a contingency fee arrangement. This means you will not have to pay out of pocket unless your attorney recovers fair compensation on your behalf. For information on how to find the best lawyer in your area to assist you, watch this video.

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When you have been injured in a multi-vehicle accident, you should not have to deal with the losses and fallout alone. You may require assistance in getting your life back on track, particularly when the insurance company representing the other party or even your own is proving to be difficult to work with.

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