Folsom Highway Motorcycle Collision Hospitalizes Two

Injuries Occur on Highway 50 in Motorcycle Collision

A motorcycle collision in Folsom caused the hospitalization of two people on August 12 when the operator lost control. The crash occurred along Highway 50 eastbound, close to East Bidwell Street. The accident report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said the Harley-Davidson operator and his passenger were heading east along the highway when the driver suddenly lost control. 

Two Riders Ejected During Motorcycle Collision

The bike flipped and both people were ejected onto the roadway. Both the driver and passenger were hospitalized with trauma. Alcohol or drug consumption are not believed to factor into the cause of the accident. An analysis is underway by CHP traffic accident investigators to establish what happened.

Road Hazards Faced by Motorcyclists

As a result of negligent drivers and poorly maintained highways, motorcyclists face numerous hazards on the road. In spite of riders’ efforts to stay safe, motorcycle accidents can cause serious trauma. On the road, motorcycle riders are at risk of a variety of dangers that can result in an accident, among them:

  • Driver negligence: It is common for a driver to make a turn in front of a motorcycle rider, causing them to crash. These situations require the driver to pay attention to oncoming traffic. Extra caution should be used to avoid collisions since it is difficult to judge a vehicle’s speed and distance. In addition, a motorist who speeds, is distracted, or is committing other negligent actions may cause a motorcycle collision.
  • Road maintenance: Poorly maintained roads can lead to motorcycle accidents. Potholes, pavement upheavals, poor lighting and other issues can cause motorcycle accidents due to poor government maintenance. If the government entity responsible for a roadway’s maintenance was lax, it could be held liable. Since the statute of limitations for government claims is six months, getting advice from an injury lawyer might be useful.
  • Defective motorcycle parts: Defective parts on a bike can cause a serious motorcycle crash. Retaining the motorcycle to have it inspected for faulty parts can be a good idea. If a defect caused the motorcycle collision, a product liability claim could be filed to recover damages from the manufacturer.

Claimants’ Rights to Compensation

Insurers and civil courts are more difficult to deal with when motorcycle riders are involved, because they try to place the blame on the rider, but we know differently. Most motorcycle riders know they are vulnerable on the roads and try their best to be safe. Injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents are often times hard to prove, but our motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled at countering these arguments and have helped many motorcycle accident victims receive fair compensation

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