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December 19, 2023
Edward Smith

Injuries Occur in Train Collision With a Pedestrian in Midtown

A train collision with a pedestrian occurred in Sacramento on December 11 in Midtown, causing injuries. The accident happened at the 20th Street intersection with Capitol Avenue, according to the Sacramento Police Department. The pedestrian in question was transported to a hospital with injuries described as non-life-threatening. An investigation is being conducted to determine what happened to cause the accident.

Causes of a Train Collision With a Pedestrian

There are a number of causes of train accidents with pedestrians. The following are some of the most common:

  • Pedestrians: Pedestrians may be at fault for an accident involving a train. Sometimes, the pedestrian is on the tracks or crossing in an undesignated spot. In other instances, the pedestrian may ignore the signals and dropped crossing bar or try to beat the train across the tracks. Distractions may be another problem if a pedestrian is talking on their cell phone or texting and not paying attention.
  • Negligent train operators: Negligence by the operator of the locomotive may lead to a train collision with a pedestrian. Speeding or failure to sound their horn when approaching a crossing may be to blame for a crash.
  • Lack of maintenance: Poor maintenance at a crossing may include defective warning signals or signs, badly maintained tracks and obstructions that block visibility. Tracks are not necessarily owned by the company that owns the train, so determining liability in these cases is important.
  • Lack of warning signs and fencing: Many people don’t realize that a train can strike them if they are outside the tracks. However, the overhang of most trains is three feet on each side, so while the pedestrian may think they are safe, they are not. 

Recovery of Compensation Following a Train Collision With a Pedestrian

If a railroad company or track owner has injured you while on foot, you should seek legal counsel immediately to determine your rights and pursue compensation if appropriate. It is possible to prevent future incidents like these by holding railroad companies or track owners accountable. Furthermore, you may be able to recover the following damages:

  • Medical costs caused by the collision, including rehabilitation and medical appliances
  • Wages lost due to the inability to work because of the injury
  • Pain and suffering, including both physical and emotional trauma

Ed Smith provides some helpful tips for choosing an attorney for your injury claim in the following video:

Train Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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