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March 08, 2019
Edward Smith

Impaired Driving May Have Caused Sacramento Accident

A Sacramento accident that may have been caused due to impaired driving occurred on March 5 along northbound Stockton Boulevard. It happened just north of Gerber Road shortly after 1:00 in the afternoon. Initially, it was reported by a caller to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), who reported seeing black smoke rising from the area of the collision. Upon arrival, police discovered that there had been an accident between a Toyota Corolla and a Ford Escape and that the first vehicle had struck the center divide.

Impaired Driving Accident Details

At least one injury occurred due to the accident, and an ambulance was summoned for that person. No further information at this time has been released about that person’s identity or the extent of their injuries. Because of the crash, traffic was backed up toward Florin Road, while members of the CHP examined the accident scene to determine its cause. The CHP reported that drunk or drugged driving may have contributed to the accident. Tow trucks were required to remove both vehicles because of the extent of damage to the cars.

Impaired Driving Is Dangerous

Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol is a dangerous behavior. It is defined as operating a motor vehicle when affected by drugs, both legal and illegal, or alcohol. This activity causes the death of roughly 29 people daily in the United States. This accounts for about 28 percent of all fatalities due to traffic accidents with roughly 10,000 deaths annually. Not only adults are killed in impaired driving accidents. In the year 2016, approximately 1,233 children from newborns to those 14 years of age were killed in impaired driving accidents. In the same year, approximately one million drivers were taken into custody for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The frightening thing is that this figure is only 1 percent of the roughly 111 million motor vehicle operators who said they drove drunk.

What Substances Are Involved in Impaired Driving?

Impaired driving is not limited to only alcohol. Illegal drugs such as cocaine and others are responsible for many accidents. Marijuana is found in 13 percent of drivers at night or on weekends. The combination of marijuana and drugs is a significant problem on the roads today. While the use of marijuana is legal in California, it is not permissible to drive under its influence. Prescription drugs can be prescribed by a medical professional, yet have side effects that affect driving. Painkillers fall into this category. It is important to talk to your doctor about driving while taking the medicine. Even over-the-counter medications can cause impaired driving. This occurs frequently with antihistamines among others. It is a good idea to read about the medication or ask your doctor before taking them if you plan to drive.

Levels of Impairment

With alcohol, levels of impairment are related to the amount of alcohol that is in the bloodstream. As the level increases, so do the problems associated with it when a person drives. Overall, it influences thinking, muscle coordination and judgment. It is absorbed by the stomach and metabolized by the liver. The weight of the alcohol in the blood can be measured and is referred to as the blood alcohol concentration or BAC level. The legal limit is 0.08. Some states are exploring lowering that number, and many have zero tolerance for drivers younger than 21. At 0.08, the individual displays the following:

  • Poor muscle coordination
  • Issues with concentration
  • Loss of short-term memory
  • Inability to process information such as detecting visual signals
  • Loss of perception
  • Lack of control

How an Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

A car accident attorney can investigate the crash to determine if impaired driving was involved. Information can be gathered from police reports and the issuance of citations or arrests. This information makes the case against the drunk driver stronger. Once the basics of the case are known, the attorney can negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurance company or take the case to civil court to obtain the damages his or her client deserves.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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