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IKEA in the News Again for Collapsing Furniture


IKEA in the News Again for Collapsing Furniture

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento amputation injury lawyer. For decades, people have relied on IKEA to produce safe, durable, and cost-effective furniture. Unfortunately, it seems that the popular furniture company has been having problems with their products. The famed Swedish furniture business has announced an urgent recall for everyone who has purchased any of their MYSINGSO beach chairs. While customers are eligible for a full refund, the beach chairs have been known to collapse and cause amputation injuries. This could be the start of another IKEA lawsuit, but what kinds of injuries are people reporting?

MYSINGSO Beach Chairs Have Caused Multiple Amputations Already

The MYSINGSO chairs represent one of the newest models of foldable wooden chairs on the market. Attached to the wooden base is a fabric seat. The product was released in February of 2013. Since the chairs were released, IKEA has been informed of over a dozen concerning incidents. Ten of these incidents resulted in injuries and six people have had their fingertips amputated by the popular chairs. After hearing of these incidents, the company announced an immediate recall of over 30 thousand beach chairs.

How Does Injury Result?

The full report released by IKEA has indicated that the chairs are prone to folding or even collapsing during use. The problem results when people’s hands are near the chair’s folding areas when it collapses. If the chairs fold and collapse with the person’s fingers in the frame, the chair could fold on top of the fingers. This leads to serious injury such as a bone fracture and even amputation. Obviously, anyone who has purchased these chairs should stop using them now and contact IKEA or product exchange.

What to Do if a Fingertip Amputation Occurs

As an introduction to amputations, people who have had a fingertip amputated by a MYSINGSO chair should take care of the amputated fingertip until it can be evaluated by a trained medical professional. Clean the fingertip gently with water or a sterile saline solution. Next, protect the fingertip with moist gauze wrap before placing the fingertip gently in a waterproof, zipped bag. Finally, place the sealed bag with the protected fingertip on ice. Do not let the ice touch the fingertip because the freeze injury could damage the tissue further. Then, bring the fingertip to an emergency room.

This is not the first recall IKEA has had in recent months. Their furniture products are developing a troubling trend of injuring loyal customers in unacceptable accidents. Again, anyone using these beach chairs should stop using them immediately and contact IKEA for a full refund.

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