I-80 Closed Thursday Night After Crash Involving Multiple Big Rigs

Multiple Big Rigs Crash and I-80 Closes

Interstate 80 eastbound outside of Truckee required closure on the evening of October 21, 2021, after multiple big rigs crashed, according to the Truckee Area office of the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Location of the Big Rig Crash

Officers from Truckee CHP indicated that the collision occurred in Floriston, California but caused complete closures of Interstate 80 eastbound near Hirschdale Road, which is east of Truckee.

Further Details of the Collision

Authorities with Caltrans District 3 reported that a collision occurred around 8:00 p.m. on eastbound I-80 involved two big rigs, and one of them jack-knifed, blocking all lanes. This required vehicles to be turned around at Hirschdale Road.

Highway Re-Opened Early Friday

The highway was reopened around 5:00 a.m. on Friday morning after towing companies from Reno, Nevada, and Truckee worked to clear the crash. CHP Truckee announced the highway reopening via their Twitter feed.

What Caused the I-80 Multiple Big Rig Crash?

Officials with the CHP confirmed that weather and speed were factors in the incident involving multiple big rigs. It is unknown whether any involved parties suffered injuries.

Watch the YouTube video. Below is a news clip reporting on the big rig crash and highway closure.

Winter Highway Driving and Big Rigs

We have entered the season when more big rigs crash. Highways 80 and 50 are major commercial corridors and we can count on the roads closing a number of times over the fall and winter months due to incidents involving big rigs. Listed below are a few tips for safely sharing the road with semi-trucks.

Tips for Driving Safely Near Big Rigs

  • Do not tailgate. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and all vehicles, but especially big rigs. Maintain at least a four-second distance if you are behind a big truck. This calculates to 20-25 car lengths.
  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times. Big trucks create wind pressure that can affect the travel path of smaller vehicles.
  • Do not use high beam headlights at night when near large trucks. High beams can reflect in the truck’s mirrors, disrupting visibility.
  • Avoid blind spots. Large trucks have larger blind spots.  Avoid the areas directly behind the truck, the sides and towards the front of the cab, the right door area, directly in front of the truck, and the lane directly to the right of the big rig. If you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, the driver cannot see you!
  • Make careful lane changes. Do not execute any fast or sudden lane changes near a big rig.
  • Beware of right turns. If a big rig is indicating a right lane change or right turn, stay away from the right side of the truck, as the rig has a large turning radius and the driver will likely not be able to see you.  To ignore this rule creates a huge accident risk.
  • Do not drive between two big rigs. It feels wrong because it is.
  • Stay aware. Pay attention and respond to road conditions and weather, such as rain, that may affect a large truck’s handling. Other conditions to be aware of when traveling in the vicinity of large commercial trucks are:
    • Blind curves
    • Visual obstructions
    • Unclear or damaged road signs
    • Extremely bright sunshine, or conversely, very dark areas.

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