Hydrotherapy for Femur Fractures

Hydrotherapy for Femur Fractures

A femur fracture is one of the most severe traumatic injuries that an individual could sustain in a motor vehicle collision. Therefore, the treatment options are both vast and varied. One of the treatment options is called hydrotherapy, which has shown some promising results. Hydrotherapy involves using water to assist in the healing of a serious fracture, such as a broken femur. Not only will hydrotherapy expedite the healing process but also reduce the chances of a severe complication from developing. According to Ortho Info, some of the complications include:

  • Damage to the surrounding nerves and blood vessels from sharp bone fragments puncturing these vital structures.
  • The development of compartment syndrome which can cut off the blood supply of oxygen and nutrients, causing permanent damage.
  • Infection following surgery or an open fracture, which exposes the body to bacteria and viruses.
  • Associated injuries to the hip and knee, such as a hip dislocation or a torn ACL.
It is important to discuss a treatment plan with a doctor and start physical therapy immediately to strengthen the bone and the surrounding muscles.

An Overview of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy involves weight-bearing on the repaired bone in a body of water. Hydrotherapy is beneficial because:

  • Water is the closest thing on Earth to a zero-gravity situation, and this buoyancy relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, reducing the chances of re-injury while still using the bone.
  • Water provides strong resistance which can be used to build strength.
  • If the water is warm, the muscles will relax, which makes the range of motion exercises easier while reducing pain.

Treating a Femur Fracture with Hydrotherapy

There are several different exercises which someone might engage in when it comes to hydrotherapy and a femur fracture. These could help to expedite the recovery process. Some of these include:

  • Underwater steps to strengthen the muscles of the thigh.
  • Walking on an underwater treadmill to work on both strength (through resistance training) and range of motion.
  • Stretching underwater to strengthen the ligaments and tendons of the thigh.

Hydrotherapy could prove an important part of physical therapy for a serious femur fracture.

Watch YouTube Video: Knee Strengthening Hydrotherapy Pool Exercises. The following video demonstrates several hydrotherapy pool exercises to help strengthen the knee.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

Following the diagnosis of a femur fracture, an individual could be looking at a long recovery process. During this time, it is a good idea to lean on family and friends for support. Also, it is prudent to meet with a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer. An injury attorney can help with:
  • Meeting with professionals in the field of accident reconstruction to ensure that the mechanism of the collision listed in the official record is correct.
  • Serving as an objective presence who can help families make informed decisions during a stressful time.
  • Transitioning a case from the negotiation table to the courtroom when necessary.
You are not alone following a traumatic accident. Call a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer today. You might be owed a financial award.

Femur Fracture Lawyer in Sacramento

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