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Hybrid Crosswalk Creates Confusion in Sacramento

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September 23, 2019
Edward Smith

Hybrid Crosswalk Creates Confusion in Sacramento

Changes concerning crosswalks often cause problems for motorists who aren’t accustomed to them, and that is what is happening with the new hybrid crosswalk at El Camino Avenue and Empress Street. Late in 2017, the city put in the new crosswalk in this location, along with eight others over the past several years. Several weeks ago, a car flipped over onto its roof and crashed into a restaurant at this location, but the driver had left the scene before police arrived. The accident happened just before the crosswalk for pedestrians

Locations for Hybrid Crosswalks Are Determined by the City

The hybrid crosswalks are less expensive than others, and the new ones were partially paid for by a grant provided by Caltrans. Traffic volume, speed, and the number of lanes help determine where these crosswalks are placed. Other considerations such as the speed at which pedestrians cross is also factored in. This could have an adverse effect on older individuals who often move slowly or use assistance devices. Street width is also factored into the placement. 

Some Local Businesses Question the Placement of Crosswalks

Some owners of nearby businesses, including the owner of a local car dealership, John Quilici, said the intersection had a brand new hybrid crosswalk and lights, which people didn’t realize was there. He said he would hear tires screeching and horns blaring. At the new hybrid crosswalk, there is a button present that the pedestrian can press, which flashes a yellow signal, which turns to solid yellow and then red. When the light changes to red, drivers are required to stop for pedestrians. Quilici stated that the drivers tended to accelerate there and don’t realize that they may be required to stop in the middle of the block because of a crosswalk. He has noted that there have been three accidents within the past year and believes that the hybrid crosswalks may add to the number. 

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Pedestrian accidents are often catastrophic due to their lack of protection. At our firm, we do everything we can to obtain the compensation our clients deserve. We begin by dispatching our investigative team to the scene of the accident. Once there, they search for evidence that will help determine why the accident happened and who was at fault. Our investigators also interview witnesses who saw the crash and obtain video footage from traffic cameras and nearby businesses. Police reports are also reviewed for accuracy. Once this information is accumulated, the investigative team presents it to our lawyers. The legal team will utilize the data as they build a strong case against the negligent party and in your favor. If there is a problem with crosswalk timing or lights, we will also include the government agency in charge of the crosswalk in the claim. Government claims have a different time limit in which you can file, and our lawyers will ensure all documents are filed on time. 

Are Hybrid Crosswalks Better?

Hybrid crosswalks use high-intensity signals to alert drivers that a pedestrian is about to cross. Overall, hybrid crosswalks provide a safer crossing for pedestrians, especially in midblock areas, which are heavily used. It is better for drivers too since the signals are only activated when pedestrians are present. This helps to prevent traffic delays. In areas with hybrid crosswalks, there has been a 69-percent decrease in pedestrian accidents. Serious injuries have been decreased by 15 percent. Compliance rates for drivers increase after they get used to the hybrid crosswalks and has reached 97 percent in some areas already. 

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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