Humerus Fracture in a Car Accident

Humerus Fracture in a Car Accident

A variety of traumatic injuries could occur in a motor vehicle accident, including severe bone fractures. One typical example is a humerus fracture. The humerus is the bone from the shoulder to the elbow. It provides the strength, flexibility, and range of motion of the upper arm. Some of the symptoms of a broken humerus include:

  • A loss in the range of motion of the upper arm.
  • Significant bruising and swelling of the upper arm.
  • Pain in the arm that gets worse with movement.
  • A palpable bulge underneath the surface of the skin.

It is essential for people to understand how a humerus fracture occurs in a car accident.

Mechanism of a Humerus Fracture in a Car Accident

Some of the ways that people could sustain a broken humerus in an auto accident include:

  • A direct impact to the arm in a T-bone accident.
  • An impact between the window or door and the humerus.
  • Someone who is ejected from the vehicle could land on their humerus.
  • The arm could become pinned in the window or door as the car rolls over.

Ultimately, there are many ways that people could break their arm in an auto accident. Sometimes, this injury could lead to severe complications.

Other Associated Injuries: Serious Complications from a Broken Humerus

The upper arm is home to many vital structures. If people suffer a serious fracture in their humerus, these structures could also be damaged. Some of the examples include:

  • The brachial artery is one of the largest blood vessels in the body, and it could be torn by a humerus fracture.
  • The radial, ulnar, and median nerves could also be damaged by a bone fragment from a broken humerus.
  • Individuals could suffer biceps or triceps tears, along with a humerus fracture.

A fragment of the humerus could tear any one of these vital structures. These are all serious associated injuries and could require surgery to repair.

Watch YouTube Video: Humerus Fracture – Broken Upper Arm. This short video provides an overview of a humerus fracture, its causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Contacting a Bone Fracture Lawyer

Following a serious injury, individuals should always seek medical care. After this, it is crucial to speak to an experienced bone fracture lawyer in Sacramento. An experienced injury attorney will help families reconstruct what happened at the accident, look over every detail, and pursue damages that could aid in their recovery. Everyone deserves help during a difficult time. Reach out and ask for help today. Your family could be owed a monetary award.

Sacramento Bone Fracture Lawyer

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