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November 21, 2019
Edward Smith

Humboldt Highway Accident Severely Injures Pedestrian

On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, a 38-year-old Fortuna woman suffered major injuries during a Humboldt highway accident. Eureka area California Highway Patrol (CHP) stated that the crash happened in the early morning in a rural location of Humboldt County. The crash involved a single vehicle and pedestrian and reportedly did not leave any other people with injuries. Additionally, investigators from CHP have indicated that they are investigating possible causes of this incident.

Accident Details

CHP reported that this accident happened at about 1:21 a.m. on the southbound side of Highway 101 close to the California Redwood Company Crossing shortly north of Harper Motors. The Fortuna woman had been crossing the highway when she was struck by a 2000 Ford pickup truck in the southbound highway lane. Police indicated that it had been raining at the time of the accident. Details about the woman’s injuries were not reported. However, officials did indicate that the woman was transported to St. Joseph Hospital to receive medical care for major trauma.


Based on their initial investigation, CHP has suggested that poor weather and lighting conditions played a role in this accident by “increasing the danger of crossing the roadway.” Additionally, officers at the scene of the accident reportedly interviewed both the driver and passenger about what happened.

Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrian injuries tend to be very severe and pedestrians are liable to suffer serious trauma even in low-speed collisions. Because they aren’t protected by any steel walls, airbags, or seatbelts, pedestrians are liable to sustain a large variety of serious injuries that can dramatically affect their lives. Some of the more common injuries that pedestrians receive during accidents include:

These injuries are not only painful but can be costly to recover from. In many situations, suffering one of these injuries can leave people wondering how they will be able to pay their bills, especially if you’ve needed to take time off work in order to recover. However, crash survivors can file personal injury claims against at-fault parties in order to recover payments for their losses. To learn more about obtaining compensation for accident trauma, it’s best to talk one-on-one with an experienced Eureka personal injury lawyer.

Dangerous Roads

Government entities have a responsibility to make sure that roads are safe for the people who use them. This not only involves making sure that roads don’t have major potholes, but adding proper signage, lighting, and other features to areas where it’s necessary to keep pedestrians and drivers safe. When governments fail to do this, they may be liable to pay for damages caused during auto accidents.

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