How to Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites in Sacramento

How to Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites in Sacramento

How to Reduce the Risk of Dog Bites in Sacramento

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento dog bite lawyer. According to a recently released report by State Farm, California ranks number one in the country in the number of dog bites. Of the 3,600 insurance claims made to State Farm for dog bites, California totaled 488. It resulted in a payout of $18.7 million in 2017, which accounted for almost 14 percent of the injuries from dog bites in the nation. Let’s take a look at the incidence of dog bites, the injuries they cause and how to reduce the chance of them happening.

Reported Dog Bites

The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that there are around 89.7 million dogs in the country. While most never bite anyone, around 4.5 million bites are reported each year, and children account for over 50 percent. Additionally, people who are elderly are more at risk for a dog bite as well as postal workers. Medical attention is needed in about one out of five dog bites.

Liability in California for a Dog Bite

According to Civil Code 3342, a California dog owner is financially responsible if their animal bites someone. If the dog bite happens on public or private property, as long as the bitten person is there legally, the owner has a legal responsibility. The only exceptions are when an individual is trespassing, or the dog is with a member of the police or military on official business.

Common Injuries Caused by a Dog Bite

The location of a dog bite injury can depend on the size of the person who is attacked. A child will most likely suffer injuries to the face and head, but dogs are known to attack the arms, legs, hands, feet, and neck. A large dog is likely to inflict worse injuries than a smaller one.

  • Dog bites can cause severe damage to tissues and nerves, which can result in disfigurement and loss of sensation.
  • Bites on the face may require cosmetic surgery to repair or result in permanent damage to the eyes, nose or in other areas.
  • Infection and disease transmission is a risk when anyone is bitten by a dog.
  • Psychological and emotional damage caused by a dog attack can require professional treatment. A dog attack can even result in symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Reducing the Risk of a Dog Bite

Taking precautions to reduce the risk of your own dog biting someone and causing serious injuries is possible by following these suggestions:

  • Have your dog spayed or neutered. This can help reduce a tendency toward aggression.
  • Train your pet by joining an obedience class. Dog training classes teach correct techniques and help socialize your dog.
  • Start socializing your pet when it is young. Dogs that are comfortable around others and in different situations are less likely to become stressed and bite.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of stress in your dog or any dangerous behavior such as growling or showing the whites of the eyes. In this case, a professional dog trainer or vet should be consulted.
  • Do not place your dog in stressful situations. For example, if the dog does not tolerate strangers or children, keep the dog in a kennel or separated when they visit.

Sacramento Dog Bite Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento dog bite lawyer. If you or your loved ones face lost time from work, medical bills and additional expenses because of a dog bite, an experienced lawyer might help. Please give me a call at (916) 921-6400 in the Sacramento area for friendly and free advice. If you are calling long-distance, my toll-free line is (800) 404-5400.

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